A different world

I love reading, and one of my favourite authors is Diana Wynne Jones.  She writes fantasy fiction, and on a recent re-read of Deep Secret, the following passage made me reflect…

Now I had been fascinated by the glass in the windows.  I remember it from when I was small.  It waves and it wobbles.  When you look out at the front – particularly in the evenings – you get a sort of cliff of trees and buildings out there, with warm lighted squares of windows, which all sort of slide about and ripple as if they are just going to transform into something else. ……With everything rippling and stretching, you almost think you’re seeing your way through to a potent strange place behind the city.

In our house we have two sets of front doors with a porch in between, and the inner set have gorgeous Victorian stained glass windows.   Well, I’m not sure if it is  the original Victorian glass or if that got blown out during the war, but the other day I hit on the idea of taking photos through them.

stained glass in front door
This is the door in question

And it worked!  But judge for yourself…

distorted trees through green stained glass window
Distorted trees or gateway to Narnia?

I particularly like this one – you can still make out the vague shapes but it is blurry enough to look like something else entirely.

trees seen through green stained glass
Tiny trees

This one just looks like a little picture within the one frame

red trees through stained glass
I think this looks a bit like old film negatives

And how about this through the red?

distorted, wavy trees through stained glass
This one looks very surreal!


thick green stained glass with bubbles
This looks like the washing machine!

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  1. Hi Liz, really like these shots, especially the first one, fascinating photography work. thanks.

  2. lovely windows and amazing pics – love the surreal trees, 2nd from bottom. Off to investigate Diana Wynne Jones now, I like fantasy but not come across her.

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