A few photos of Crindau

When I finished the monthly reeds photography at the end of 2010, I wanted to replace it with another project because I seem to work best with particular themes (and of course it gives me something to blog about apart from how untidy my studio is!).

I decided to focus on an area of Newport called Crindau, which is fairly close to Shaftesbury Park, where I photographed the reeds.  It is an area which is, I think, under the Council’s spotlight for redevelopment – a new, huge Sainsburys was built on the derelict gasworks site last year and they have plans to built a marina on Crindau Pill, one of the inlets from the River Usk.  Whether it will happen in this economic climate is anyone’s guess, but I decided that it would be a good plan to capture the area in photographs before it happens.  There are a lot of derelict warehouses, as well as quite a few operational ones, there – it is a funny mix of residential and ex-industrial; lots of potential for distressed walls and arty rusted fences…


There’s a lot of up and down so you get great rooftop views.


And the odd bit of arty graffiti.


I love these old derelict factory buildings.  Note the individual facades – none of your identikit shoeboxes here.


And you turn a corner, and a flight of steps beckons you….


To this street of Victorian terraces (can you see the Civic Centre tower on the horizon….


But then you turn another corner and, in the middle of all those little Victorian terraced houses is Crindau House, this longhouse dating from about the 1500s!  I didn’t know of its existence until a few weeks ago when I came upon this plaque.


When it was built, this house would have been in the middle of countryside – right up till the 19th century, in fact.  Now it’s enclosed by all these Victorian terraces, a secret medieval survivor.

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  1. Love this, specially the soldier…you have such a great eye for searching out bits of history and interesting takes on what probably passes the rest of us by.

  2. Liz, I couldn’t resist looking up Crinau House. It sounded fascinating. There was a lovely old print, showing the mullioned windows. I should have stopped there! A newer photograph showed how it has been ruined. What a shame.

  3. Hi!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! The cemeteries we visited in Dudley were both by the two churches and had such great character. Your ancestors are resting in a very picturesque location. Your photos of Newport make me want to visit there too as I love those derelict, old factories too.

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