Avon Valley Country Park

A few weeks ago I went with the kids on a church outing to Avon Valley Country Park. They had great fun down these scary slides:

red scary slide

while I sat in the cafe and chatted and drank tea.

There are a lot of animals there, including Jacob and Soay sheep and angora goats. After a hairy boat ride where DS1 and DS2 rowed me around (an adult was required otherwise I would have foregone the pleasure), I went and regained my calm by having a walk around to look at the animals. The kids meanwhile hared off to the go-karts…

Jacob sheep:

black/brown and white Jacob sheep

Soay sheep (had to crop this photo because they wouldn’t come any closer!):

soay sheep

Angora goats – this little one was very obliging…

angora goat standing under tree trunk

There was a tiny little kid there as well:

angora kid

2 Replies to “Avon Valley Country Park”

  1. Liz I am hoping you are not in the area of the flooding. Is that true? At least your government will probably take better care of their people than ours did during Katrina.

  2. Hi Candy,

    No, we were okay – except that we were off on holiday at 5.30 am the next morning and at 7pm the night before, quite a few sections of the motorway were jammed or closed because of the rain and we were wondering if we would be delayed, but it was fine. Some of the flooding was about an hour’s drive away though. I think we get so much rain here in Wales normally that the ground is used to it! Thank you for thinking of me.

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