While we were away at Easter, I saw lots of crows and seagulls.  I think they were attracted by all the food scraps around, but I took the opportunity to get a bit closer than usual.  Crows, especially, seem to be particularly suspicious and will fly away as soon as you get close enough to take a picture with more than a black dot in it! 

This crow’s profile looks quite scary


But from a distance it’s not so bad…

crow in silhouette 

This seagull looks quite at home in an urban environment…

seagull on road

And I quite like the effect of this one.  It would be better with a total background of blue sky though. 

seagull in sun

And I include this because I like the effect of footprints in the sand:

footprints in the sand

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  1. Nice job Liz. Like them a lot.

  2. I am always a little wary of crows and rooks. The beaks on them can do so much damage. A Rook was on the bird table awhile ago and within 30 seconds he had destroyed the suit balls. He needs to eat too so I wasn’t angry at him eating the food, but watching him attack the ball with his beak really made me realized how powerful they can be.

  3. Your “crow” is a Raven. Same family of birds but larger . . . particularly their beaks. They are amazing creatures and very, very smart! Great image you captured!

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