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Blog posts


Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been joining in an art making challenge called the Make Art That Sells: Assignment Bootcamp 2015. It is run by Lilla Rogers, a prominent art licensing agent in the US, in conjunction with the various courses she runs.  I took it to help me get used to making art on […]


Train ticket art – yes, it’s still going!

I’m still creating art out of my box of old train tickets. I got a gelli plate for Christmas (more on that in a subsequent post) so I’ve been using it to create backgrounds on the tickets – the gesso with which I prepared them picks up the acrylic paint really well.   Here is […]


A few hearts for Valentine’s day

  As it’s Valentine’s Day and as I’ve been playing with a homemade printing block with hearts on it, here are a few seasonal pics. And finally, here’s a red rose.  I actually got it from DH on my birthday in December and took a number of photos of the flowers for the purposes of […]