Dyeing Photos

Here we are. The photos.

The ones which came out best were those dyed using the cotton pima pfd from Lunn Fabrics. I bought 8 yards – as much as they could fit in one of those UPS envelopes, and it’s the best fabric I’ve ever used! Yummy. I envy you Americans…

This is about 2 yards long:

space dyed fabric

Here is a detail:


And another:


Here is another piece of a similar length:

space dyed fabric

And a detail:


In contrast, this is some sheeting fabric which I bought and scoured, which looked of a similar quality to the above until I used it. It didn’t take up as much of the dye at all:

washed out looking dyed piece

More anon! The screen, by the way, is still drying, although I have now taken off all the accessories to help it dry quicker underneath. Under the bubblewrap is still very wet. I obviously put it on too thick there.

Archive photos all uploaded!

Hurray, hurray! I have finally got all my old Blogger photos transferred to my new blog so all the archives are now complete. And the ‘uncategorized’ category has finally disappeared! So now I can concentrate on this blog without having to spend hours resizing photos and re-uploading them. Enjoy!! I will keep the old blog as a redirection but this is now all complete.

Breakdown Printing

A couple of you asked where to get Breakdown Printing by Leslie Morgan and Claire Benn. I got it direct from their website on the What’s on page – Committed-to-Cloth. It’s right at the top of that page and if you click on ‘Read More…’ it will give you details of how to get it. Otherwise, I think Art Van Go sell it. I don’t know if anywhere in the US stocks it but you can also get it in Germany at www.patchworkshop.de.

Here’s a picture of it. It is similar to the format of the Jan Beany/Jean Littlejohn series of ‘Double Trouble’ books.

book front

My dyed fabric turned out well. Photos coming later! The screen is still drying – trust me to start playing in the middle of a British winter! – but I’ll be sure to show you how it turns out when I print it.

Dyeing at last!

Hurray! Finally I got some dyeing done today. I had to go shopping in the morning, despite the pouring rain, because the fridge was looking very bare. I hate juggling my shopping trolley and golfing umbella. I think I must look quite eccentric with my bright red wool coat (which I wear for its length and its waterproof qualities), a purple, green and blue golfing umbrella and my shopping trolley, which actually co-ordinates quite well with the umbrella in colours, though not in ease of use when shopping. When you’ve got goods in one hand and umbrella in the other, when you bend over to get your purse out you’re quite likely to whack someone with the umbrella :) or should that be :(

Anyway, to get back to the dyeing: I had been very organised. I had put the fabric in the cat litter trays and pre-soaked it in soda ash already so I only had to mix the dyes and chuck them on. Only??? It still took me until it was time to collect Zachary from school.

colourful cat litter trays not being used for their usual operation

Here they are all lined up. I’m being very restrained and leaving them overnight to fizzle away. Or whatever they do.

one cat litter tray with lots of colourful fabric

Here’s a closer look. Yum. I love the look of all these colours. This is what makes it addictive. The anticipation of what the fabric will look like. The gorgeous bright colours. We need colour this time of year. Grey and pouring down with rain.

screen with lots of dye on it and all sorts of strange things pressed into it

I also prepared my screenprinting screen with this thickened dye with stuff pressed into it, according to Leslie Morgan and Claire Benn’s instructions in Breakdown Printing. This book is brilliant. Loads of gorgeous photos. I now have to wait for this to dry before printing with it. Can’t wait! It’s ages since I did any dyeing and I’ve really loved it, despite being completely whacked now. I must get more organised.

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