Skeleton leaf

Another thing I found while looking for the wrought iron photos (it was a productive time!) was this skeleton of a leaf which I had stuck in my ‘inspirations’ book which I kept for college. I meant to do something with it.

skeleton leaf

I had a play with Paint Shop Pro (inevitably!) and this is what I made!

digital image made from above photo




fed up yet?

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Autumn trees

While I was looking for my wrought iron designs, I found a few other things.

trees in red and yellow in autumn
This tree is outside Zachary’s school. It is glorious in autumn. It is a copper beech.

designs based on colours in above photo
I did these colour studies and played around with lines from the above photo. I might use this sometime.

another tree with mainly yellow leaves
Here is another tree which is at the same place.

quick painting of above tree
I did a quick, fairly impressionistic, painting of the above tree.

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More gates

Here are some more gates I ‘collected’:

wrought iron gate
This is a gate I saw on a visit to a friend who lives in Scotland. Wigtown, maybe?

wrought iron gate
This is a photocopy of a photo of the gates at Tredegar House, some of which I based my ‘Dreaming Spirals’ wallhanging on.

designs based on wrought iron gates
A play with spirals!

I made a spiral stamp out of funfoam and used it to make this design.

This is a reverse photocopy (with lights and darks reversed) of a drawing I made of the gate I used as inspiration for the Dreaming Spirals wallhanging. It looks quite effective this way round.

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Wrought iron gates

I was reading Margaret’s blog yesterday and her photo of the wrought iron reminded me of some research I did on wrought iron gates when I was doing C&G.

I saw these swan gates on a visit to St Hugh’s College, Oxford. They were made by Whistler. I don’t know if it is the same Whistler as the artist – anyone know?

wrought iron gates with swans on

Here is another gate I like:

wrought iron gate with flowing lines

I can’t remember if that was in Oxford too.

I did some designs based on them:

design based on wrought iron gate

another design

and another

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