Autumn trees

While I was looking for my wrought iron designs, I found a few other things.

trees in red and yellow in autumn
This tree is outside Zachary’s school. It is glorious in autumn. It is a copper beech.

designs based on colours in above photo
I did these colour studies and played around with lines from the above photo. I might use this sometime.

another tree with mainly yellow leaves
Here is another tree which is at the same place.

quick painting of above tree
I did a quick, fairly impressionistic, painting of the above tree.

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More gates

Here are some more gates I ‘collected’:

wrought iron gate
This is a gate I saw on a visit to a friend who lives in Scotland. Wigtown, maybe?

wrought iron gate
This is a photocopy of a photo of the gates at Tredegar House, some of which I based my ‘Dreaming Spirals’ wallhanging on.

designs based on wrought iron gates
A play with spirals!

I made a spiral stamp out of funfoam and used it to make this design.

This is a reverse photocopy (with lights and darks reversed) of a drawing I made of the gate I used as inspiration for the Dreaming Spirals wallhanging. It looks quite effective this way round.

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Wrought iron gates

I was reading Margaret’s blog yesterday and her photo of the wrought iron reminded me of some research I did on wrought iron gates when I was doing C&G.

I saw these swan gates on a visit to St Hugh’s College, Oxford. They were made by Whistler. I don’t know if it is the same Whistler as the artist – anyone know?

wrought iron gates with swans on

Here is another gate I like:

wrought iron gate with flowing lines

I can’t remember if that was in Oxford too.

I did some designs based on them:

design based on wrought iron gate

another design

and another

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Autumn Melange

This is the quilt which I have entered into the Changing Perspective Challenge.

greenish quilt

It will shortly be in an exhibit at Soft Expressions Gallery in Anaheim, California. I sent it off today so it’s all up to the great Post Office now!

Here is a detail of it:

detail of previous quilt with angelina, linen, handmade paper etc

We had to make something looking at things from a different perspective. Here is what I wrote for my artist’s statement about it:

All autumn and winter I have been spotting beauty in
unlikely places. In patterns made in mud, rotting leaves half hidden and
broken up, abandoned on the pavement (sidewalk). In the texture of the damp
paving slabs with their detritis. Seeing reflections and shapes in puddles
altered by ripples and the wind on the water. This is an attempt to capture
some of that: I invite you to approach it closely and examine the details in
the textures, colours and shapes.

Basically it all came about from staring at the pavement on my daily walks to school and back through the cloudy, dark, dismal, muddy autumn and winter…

It has got linen, cotton jersey, handmade paper, babywipe,organza, jute garden twine, angelina, washers and probably some other things in it. Rather than bind it in a conventional manner, I pulled out the edges of the batting and painted them dark brown, and backed it with linen, which I frayed at the edges. The background fabric is cotton jersey and I just cut it jaggedly and then couched the jute garden twine around to frame it.

All this happened in a panic over the last couple of weeks when I suddenly realised the deadline was fast approaching and I had no idea what I was going to do! I obviously work best to a timetable…

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