Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral

Thought I’d put on a few photos to liven up my blog a bit. This is Norwich Cathedral – we went there after we went on the boat. I lived in Norfolk for a year after university and used to go in the cathedral when I visited Norwich for a bit of peace and quiet after the shops. It was like coming home. It was the only part of Norwich which looked familiar 20 years on. I think Norwich cathedral is my all time favourite.


I Spoke Too Soon

So much for the bus company! The wretched bus never turned up. There they were, 9 kids waiting at the bus stop till 8.55, so three of us parents had to ferry them to school where we proceeded to make our feelings known to the Assistant Head Teacher. The fight goes on!

So… it’s 10.30 am now and I’m already exhausted. Think I’ll go and have another cup of tea and contemplate the rest of the day…

STOP PRESS! Just had a phone call from the bus company. Apologetic. There was a bus this morning – it was just VERY late, held up at some new roadworks on its way back from another school. And there is going to be one every day. YAY! Well… we’ll see what happens tomorrow. Traffic jams in the UK are getting worse and worse. I hate driving. Too many cars.

Oh well… maybe I’ll get down to those postcards now!


Update on the bus situation

Victory for parental pester power!! The kids came all the way home on the bus today – they extended the bus back as far as the usual route!! And tomorrow they’re getting a bus at 8.30 am from the usual place – not the bells and whistles yellow coach, an ordinary bus, but as far as I’m concerned I’m happy…. I don’t know if this arrangement is permanent or a stopgap till they can sort something else out but for the moment I’m happy.

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