Coffee soaked handmade paper

coffee soaked paper looking like an ancient treasure map

These pieces of handmade paper were soaked with coffee (whereupon they broke up into bits adding to the effect!) and then rubbed with a gold Markal (Shiva) stick when dry.


Transfer painted fabric

green (printed) fabric cut into brick pieces and stuck onto brown design board

More landscape board pictures: this is the fabric printed with the paper I painted with transfer paints using clingfilm to make the pattern. The ones on the left have been layered with tulle.


Uses for nappy liners

brown fabric with texture added and nice fluffy yarn couched on like a stone wall

This is the fabric which I ironed a painted nappy liner on to, to get texture, and then couched with yarn to get the shapes of the stones. I hand dyed the brown fabric.


Roman stone wall

photo of Roman stone wall with lots of moss and lichen and nice texure

Here is one of the other photos. I think this was Roman as well.

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