Art Deco Lille

nice art deco window

I’ve just found our holiday photos from last summer. We went to eastern France, to Alsace and passed through Lille on the way. Here is a gorgeous art deco window I saw there. I was pleasantly surprised by Lille. My childhood penfriend moved there from the Dordogne and I always had an image of it as dark, bleak and industrial, but it is not like that at all. And there is a very nice yarn/button shop…

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Less frustrating

Thank you everyone who took the trouble to think about my problem. I will print out all the comments and think carefully about them. I think you’re right, Debra, that I have to declutter and reorganise things so I’ll have to sit down and work out exactly what system to have and where to put the things I move out! I’ve got a feeling that moving some of the fabric may help too – I’ve got an awful lot of stuff from before I had kids, not a lot of it cotton. I used to get this mill fabric mail order catalogue and they sold bundles they called ‘mail order misery’ and ‘practise parcels’ and I bought lots of them! (Sadly they closed down recently).

Meanwhile, a cleanup has helped and I’ve been doing some applique from the back based on a design which evolved from the wisteria pod picture I posted in February. Unfortunately I also succeeded in sewing over a needle (don’t ask why I was using a needle instead of a pin… it seemed like a good idea at the time;) and have scratched the bobbin case so I think I’ll have to replace it. Duh… I’ve abandoned that now and will see if I can do anything else about it tomorrow (the bobbin case not the applique).

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I am feeling very frustrated today. I finally got up to my sewing room after doing various essential cleaning jobs (there are always essential cleaning jobs after the kids have been off school, however lackadaisical I am about housework, and believe me, I AM lackadaisical).

But it is so untidy and there are bits of sewing here, bits of painting drying there, stuff from workshops and swaps over the table… I’m feeling overwhelmed and I don’t know where to start! And I’ve got so many ideas buzzing round my head for journals and stuff just to try that I just end up doing nothing.

So I’ve come downstairs with my various assorted sketchbooks and bits of paper all over the place to try and get something down on paper (so why are you sitting at the computer moaning about it on your blog, I hear you ask?)…

Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do to get over it? Have a good cleanup? Or close your eyes and pick something at random?!

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