Photos – Hello or Blogger – which should I use?

I’ve been wondering whether to start using the Blogger upload photos facility for my photos or whether to carry on using Hello. I’ve got Hello set up so it is convenient, but what I wondered was – would my blog be easier to view with the Blogger photos or with Hello? I only know what it looks like in my browser and in Awasu but not other sorts. So – comments please! Would you prefer me to use Blogger and wrap around the text as on other blogs, or is Hello okay? Do you have to scroll down a lot to see the Hello ones underneath each other or is it set out okay? What do you think?

Screenprinted Fabric

green screenprinted fabric on left and blue screenprinted fabric on right

Here is some cloth that has been screen printed, hanging out of the way before being batched.


blue, yellow, brown fabric pleated up in dyebath


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