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I’ve got my journal quilts in the post! That’s what I’ve been working on most of the week, as well as seeing 2 of my kids off to school and putting together a ‘what the holiday club leaders looked like as babies’ quiz for the church all-age service on Sunday (probably misguidedly… moral, watch out what you suggest, you’ll probably end up doing it!).

I’ve also been watching with horror the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina and reading an arresting blog called The Interdictor who is actually in New Orleans trying to keep a server (I think) going and reporting on what is going on. I feel so helpless here on the other side of the world… there have been so many horrific things going on this year alone. A reminder of the power of nature; we are so cocooned here in our houses with our water on tap and our electricity and everything else that we can easily forget how people survive without them… or not.

The kids will all be back at school next week so my priority is to send out all the blogring postcards (see Lisa’s blog for details if you don’t know what I’m talking about), and the postcards for another swap I’m on….

Quandaries and blogger photos test

grey and red quilt top with road layout design and question mark in glue

Lisa asked what quandries looked like (or is it quandaries? neither looks right to me at the moment…). I started to make a journal quilt on this topic earlier in the year. I used Spaghetti Junction, a notoriously complicated motorway (highway) junction in Birmingham as my starting point. I never finished it as a proper journal quilt as I got too many other ideas but here it is:
Karoda suggested I put up a test page of a Blogger photo (I hope one is enough to compare them) to see if it looks better than Hello so this one can be it!

Well, I must say it is neater than Hello but it did take about 4 times as long and I’ll have to find another way to turn the photos the correct way round (I used to do that in Picasa and it stayed like that when I sent it via Hello – I’d have to involve Irfanview into the equation. But if enough of you prefer it this way, I’ll do it! Meanwhile, I’m afraid you’ll have to turn your computer on its side to view ‘Quandary’ (the question mark should be at the bottom – I did this with a glue gun, by the way).

Sutton village signpost

signpost on village green

We didn’t have lunch in this village! But we moored here for the night before we had to give the boat back. We had to return the boat by 9.30 am so we needed to moor close by.

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