Note on comments

Just wanted to give a quick note on leaving comments on this blog.

Recently I’ve had a number of comments which seem genuine but when I click on the link given, it goes to some sort of advertising site. I would just like to say that if you leave a comment with a link to a site like this, the comment will be marked as spam, whether it seems genuine or not. So if you do have a site like this but wish to leave a comment, please leave the url field blank. Everyone who comments for the first time automatically goes to moderation so it will only get through if I don’t judge it as spam.

If you have tried to leave a comment in the past and had problems or wonder why it hasn’t appeared, do email me at liz @


I’ve been having a bit of a blogging break for the last few weeks.  I feel that I’m recharging my batteries after blogging for 6 years now (I started in January 2005 – phew!).  But hopefully I shall be back soon with renewed vigour! I have also decided not to …

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Blog Facelift

I’ve decided to give my blog a facelift for the New Year. Watch this space! In the meantime, apologies if anything seems to get a bit chaotic – it’ll be sorted out soon, I promise! Cardiff’s new shopping centre.

Off to a workshop!

This blog will be quiet for the next week because on Sunday I’m going to a workshop with Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan at Committed To Cloth. I’m looking forward to a stimulating and refreshing week! So look forward to lots of photos on my return. I’m going to do …

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