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African fabric and nappy liners!

There are still more fabric bundles waiting to be snapped up! And here are a few extras for the next 2 or 3 people to buy them…

I found a load of nappy liners which I bought to do cool melting and burning stuff… you can stitch into them and colour them and heat them and they distress nicely.

I’ve also got lots of African dutch wax prints fabrics – if you buy a fabric bundle I’ll put some of them in – they are good size pieces (half a yard, a yard etc…).

My studio is looking very different now – I’ve moved the tables round and my design wall and I can get around a lot more in there! I don’t feel quite so hemmed in. I was hoping that it might be possible to put a kitchen type sink in there but it looks like that is impractical so I’ll just have to keep running to the bathroom if I want to rinse things out:(

Pics soon… and I haven’t forgotten the report on my week at C2C!

More piccies of Fabric Bundles

I’ve had a request for photos of the blue/purple and blue/brown bundles, so here they are!

The blue/purple one:

blue/purple fabric bundle

And here it is in its bag:

blue/purple fabric bundle in bag


And here is the blue/brown one:

blue/brown fabric bundle

And in its bag:

blue/brown bundle in bag


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