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I’m featured!

…. On Bonnie Samuel’s blog today. She is writing a series about artists’ inspiration. This is what she says:

“Fiber Artisans” denotes many creative applications – weavering, quilt artists, knitters, surface designers, tapestry, and more. Many combine various fiber arts in their work. But what inspires their designs, theme, colors and the materials they use in creating?

As fiber artisans, like writers, we sometimes get “blocked,” but then something moves us and the process begins anew for us. Is it an experience, nature, emotion or the materials themselves that brings forth our creativity?

Do go over there and have a look and leave a comment about where you get your inspiration from.

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A little blog housekeeping…

I’ve been busy today going through all my blog links and making all the sidebars a bit neater. Please let me know if you find any that don’t work. It’s been my aim to make it a bit less cluttered and easier to work round, so if you’ve got any suggestions to make it better, let me know! I’ll consider every suggestion!

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Follow me on Twitter!

I have recently joined Twitter, which is a sort of micro-blogging cum social networking, some would say time wasting, online phenomenon. 

Twitter is a type of online text messaging where you write very short messages (up to 140 characters) of whatever is going through your mind at that particular time.  You can opt to ‘follow’ other Twitters (or should that be ‘twitterers’?) and they can follow you.  I use an add-on for Firefox so that any tweets (the word for each individual message) pop up as they arrive and there’s a box for writing your own message too, so it makes it easy.   You can reply, either privately or publicly, to people’s tweets too.  I like it because I hear about the minutae of people’s lives and it breaks up my day a bit.   

If you’re wondering whether this is all worth it, pop over to Lisa Call’s blog.

I’ve been reading Lisa’s blog for a few years now, ever since we moved over to WordPress at the same time and hauled each other through the obstacles associated with moving blogs and learning new software.    I always find her posts well thought out  and worth reading.  Today she wrote a post called 10 reasons why I might want to tweet instead of make art.    If you want to know more about Twitter, she promises to write another post outlining how she uses it.

If you Tweet and want to follow me, there’s a widget in the sidebar with the link (and my last Tweet), or go to my Twitter profile and click on ‘follow’.

Now, just don’t ask me why I’m on Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr… and no doubt several others I’ve forgotten about!

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