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A little blog housekeeping…

I’ve been busy today going through all my blog links and making all the sidebars a bit neater. Please let me know if you find any that don’t work. It’s been my aim to make it a bit less cluttered and easier to work round, so if you’ve got any suggestions to make it better, let me know! I’ll consider every suggestion!

Follow me on Twitter!

I have recently joined Twitter, which is a sort of micro-blogging cum social networking, some would say time wasting, online phenomenon. 

Twitter is a type of online text messaging where you write very short messages (up to 140 characters) of whatever is going through your mind at that particular time.  You can opt to ‘follow’ other Twitters (or should that be ‘twitterers’?) and they can follow you.  I use an add-on for Firefox so that any tweets (the word for each individual message) pop up as they arrive and there’s a box for writing your own message too, so it makes it easy.   You can reply, either privately or publicly, to people’s tweets too.  I like it because I hear about the minutae of people’s lives and it breaks up my day a bit.   

If you’re wondering whether this is all worth it, pop over to Lisa Call’s blog.

I’ve been reading Lisa’s blog for a few years now, ever since we moved over to WordPress at the same time and hauled each other through the obstacles associated with moving blogs and learning new software.    I always find her posts well thought out  and worth reading.  Today she wrote a post called 10 reasons why I might want to tweet instead of make art.    If you want to know more about Twitter, she promises to write another post outlining how she uses it.

If you Tweet and want to follow me, there’s a widget in the sidebar with the link (and my last Tweet), or go to my Twitter profile and click on ‘follow’.

Now, just don’t ask me why I’m on Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr… and no doubt several others I’ve forgotten about!

Subscribing to my blog and a new laptop bag!

Thank you to Julie for letting me know that the rss button on the right of the header wasn’t working for some reason.  2 hours later, and by dint of deleting my Feedburner feed and creating another, it does!  I upgraded WordPress on 7 July and I think that must have caused the problem, so if you have tried to subscribe and couldn’t, I’m sorry but it’s now fixed!

If all the above is gobbledegook to you, I’ll try and explain a bit what ‘subscribing’ to a blog means.  The difference between blogs and conventional websites is that their content is continually being updated by something called an ‘rss feed’.  You can find out when a new post is published on any blog by subscribing to their feed.  You do this in two types of ways. 

  1. You can either go to a website such as Feedblitz, register and then enter the URLs of any blogs which you want to read regularly.  They then will send you any updates each day by email. 
  2. You can register with a web based feed reader such as Google Reader, again fill in the URLs (the web addresses) of any blogs you want to read and they find any new posts for you.  You then go to your Google Reader page whenever you feel like reading new posts from any blogs you are subscribed to.  You can sort them into categories and then just scroll through them by pressing the spacebar.  This is what I prefer to do, myself.  The good thing about Google Reader is that if you are already registered with Google you can just login using your Google username.  And if you click on the little ‘rss’ button on the top or bottom of any blog you want to subscribe to, you can just do it with one click usually if your preferred blog reader is listed there.  Another popular web based feed reader is Bloglines.

If you already subscribe to my blog and haven’t had any new posts since early July, you may find that they all arrive in your reader with this one!!

As we are going on holiday pretty soon, I decided this afternoon to make a bag for my laptop.  I usually leave it at home but this year I thought I’d better have it as I now have my shop on Etsy and the Print Gocco machines for sale here on my blog, if only to tell people that I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth!

I wanted a felted bag, so I decided to use some old felted sweaters and a woollen dress which I felted here a few years ago.  First of all I thought I would stitch the felt from the woollen dress to the one shown in the link above to make it firmer and give it more protection but after some thought, I decided to make an inner bag from the woollen dress and an outer one from the felted sweaters.  Then I decided I had better line the inner one as it was a bit linty and I didn’t want any nasty lint clogging up my precious computer!    The advantage of having two layers is that for carrying it around outside I could just use the inner one and when it needed extra protection such as on the journey in the car, I could augment it with the second!

Here is the inner one:

felted laptop bag

It needs buttons or fastenings of some sort.  I bought some gorgeous raku buttons from Pearl of Fehustoneware and these are going to be a strong contender!   Here is one of them:

raku button

Here’s my laptop snug inside!

laptop in bag

And this is the outside bag:

outer laptop bag

And the other side of this:

felted bag

This one doesn’t have a flap on the top – I think I am going to put some poppers or something to fasten it inside.  Not sure what I’ll do for a handle yet.  Any suggestions for fastenings or handles gratefully received!!!  I’m very pleased with them as a whole – I am sure I’ll use them much more than I wore either the sweaters or the dress!  The woollen fabric was too thick for the style of dress I made and it made me look awful when I was stick-like.  I dread to think what it would look like now!

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