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Coral and sea effects

paint effects cut out and put on board

I haven’t had many photos on my blog so until I get going again with my sewing now that the kids are back in school, I thought I’d post photos of the sea design board which I did for City & Guilds. I spent today clearing up and altering a couple of skirts which have been sitting there for months waiting their turn so hopefully with things a bit tidier the creative juices will flow again…

Anyway, we made these coral/seaweed effects by monoprinting with acrylic paints. This was achieved by taking two sheets of glass, smearing sea-colours of paints on one of them (green, blue, white etc), placing the other one on top of the other and then pulling them apart. This causes the paint to make patterns like this which can then be monoprinted on to paper by pressing the paper into the paint. You can get a couple of pieces of paper prints from each piece of glass but you have to do it quickly before the acrylic dries. You can probably do it on fabric too – must try this sometime!

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house design board - bannisters

To finish this house design board series of posts, on the left here is a couple of patterns I made from my newell posts and bannisters. Not very exciting, but I included it for the sake of completeness.

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Victoria ceramic hall floor tiles

I found a better photo of the tiles in our hall.

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