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Embroidery from air vent design

embroidery using design

I was playing round with my then new machine here. You can’t see it in the photo but the background is sewn with a decorative stitch. I used the stencil in the previous photo to paint on to nappy liner and then ironed it on to the fabric. I outlined the shapes with metallic thread.


Designs taken from air vent

designs from air vent

I cut out a stencil of the airvent on to white card. I used it to stencil white Markal on to black fabric (or was it paint…. can’t remember now!) – that is the one on the left here. I then stuck it on to black card – that’s bottom right. The bits I cut out I stuck on to white card – that’s the top one.


Print taken from air vent

print taken from airvent

This is a print I took using a mixture of black poster paint and PVA glue, of the airvent. I was caught by my next door neighbour making this print… I think it just confirmed my madness!!


Stencil from floor tiles!

designs from floor tiles

And another… I made the stencil on the left and played with the airbrush at college to stencil on to dyed fabric. The background is more computer printout…


Floor design board section

floor designs

On the left is a photo of our actual floor tiles and in the middle is something I did playing with fabric to represent one of the motifs. The background was done in MS Paint and made into a repeating design.

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