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A few hearts for Valentine’s day

A few ghost hearts on my printing table from printing off the edge of something

A few ghost hearts on my printing table from printing off the edge of something


As it’s Valentine’s Day and as I’ve been playing with a homemade printing block with hearts on it, here are a few seasonal pics.

Some little hearts on a repurposed train ticket.

Some little hearts on a repurposed train ticket.

lace and hearts on trainticketart

Lace and hearts on this train ticket art

Red rose

Red rose

And finally, here’s a red rose.  I actually got it from DH on my birthday in December and took a number of photos of the flowers for the purposes of pattern design but since I’m unlikely to get any more until my next birthday, I thought I’d put one up on my blog today! Enjoy!


The 10 best posts of the last 10 years

I started this blog on 21st January 2005, exactly 10 years ago today, so I thought I’d have a dig in the archives to find 10 articles that I wrote, one for each year.  Okay, maybe they are not the absolute best of the posts for that year but they encapsulate what I thought summed up that year for me.  So here goes!

1.  The best post of 2005 (and arguably of the whole blog) has to be one I wrote right at the end of the year.  It is a photo tutorial I made on the spur of the moment during a brief respite from Christmas preparations.  I called it How to Make a Concertina Book .  It is also my most popular, mostly because it was noticed by an origami blogger, Eric Gjerde who submitted it to Make Magazine. It still gets pinned on Pinterest today.

concertina book opened up

This little concertina (or accordian) book is a nifty way of displaying your painted papers


2.  In 2006 I did a lot of dyeing fabric and thread.  Here is one of the blog posts showing some of the results.

dyeing fabric scrunched up and colourful

Fabric scrunched up in a cat litter tray being coloured – low immersion dyeing or tray dyeing


3.  In 2007 I compiled the Google map of textile museums and a list of those online too.  Some of the links are probably dead after all this time but it would still be worth delving into if you like fabric related museums.

4. In 2008 I did a lot of Gocco printing (remember that?).

Lots of postcards printed with the Print Gocco

I’d obviously had a good session with the Print Gocco machine here


5.  In 2009 I was selling on Etsy and wrote a post for the Ecoetsy team about How to reuse Scrap Paper for journalling, packaging and tags.

Lots of printing going on

I’d had fun printing grids and embossed pizza bases amongst other things


6.  In 2010  I did a lot of screenprinting in 2010, mostly on layered on fairly large pieces of fabric.

Screen with wisteria leaves painted on with screen filler.

Screen with wisteria leaves painted on with screen filler.


Also it was the Year of the Reeds, – I took a walk each month in a local park where they grow along the river, and posted photos taken throughout the year showing how they changed over the seasons.  Here is July’s and – if you’re particularly interested in reeds – here is a link which lists each time I mention them….

reeds in the sunlight

Reeds in the sunlight


7.  In 2011 I documented a walk around Crindau, an area of Newport.  I started walking a lot around that time and explored the city to discover quiet back streets and alleyways.

Lots of terraced houses in Newport from the top of some steps

You can see lots of rooftops and chimneys from the top of this flight of steps looking towards Crindau.


8.  In 2012  I took 12 photos of 12 things to celebrate the year.

12 watercolour crayons arranged in a circle

12 Stabilo chunky watercolour crayons sitting on some rust dyed fabric


9.  In 2013 the blog languished, but I did a lot of upcycling clothes inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee, and I took the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course which kickstarted my pattern designing.

Close up of Harris tweed jacket

Detail of some hand printed fabric stitched on to a Harris Tweed jacket pocket.


10.  In 2014 – at the beginning of the year I took part in the Paper Love Bloghop with lots of pictures of all sorts of paper!

Lots of colourful printed and dyed paper

A selection of the paper I’ve collected or printed over the years.


Well, there we are, I hope you enjoyed that quick run through the last 10 years – I wonder what the next decade will bring?  Well, some train ticket art no doubt!

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