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A walk in the park

I’m trying to get into blogging again and am experimenting with using Evernote – I take photos on my phone, send them to Evernote which synchs them with my laptop, already resized.  I then write the blog post copying and pasting my photos from Evernote, rather than having to download all the photos from my phone to my computer.  We shall see if it works!

high water in river usk

I went for a walk this morning.  The sun has finally come out and maybe this means summer has eventually arrived.  The tide was very high – walking along by the River Usk here you can usually see mostly mudflats with a little bit of muddy water in the bottom but today it looks like a ‘proper’ river.

shaftesbury park long shadows

This is Shaftesbury Park – with all the rain we had in June and July the grass is very green!

reeds along river

This is the park where I did my year’s observation of the reedbeds to see how they changed month after month.  At the moment they are very green, with the new leaves coming up and before they flower or end up looking golden and dry.


The pathway ….

cloud looking like a duck!

I thought this solitary cloud looks a bit like a flying duck!

row of poplars

The rows of poplar trees from another angle.  The houses in the background are on the other side of the river.

newport street art

On my way home I came across this colourful street art in Wheeler Street.  It has some of Newport’s bridges on there.

notice outside derelict Sainsburys

Past the old derelict Sainsburys supermarket building.  It’s all boarded up now and they have put this sign up.  It’s such a pity they can’t open up the site as a public open space until it is developed into something else.  I get the feeling that that notice is just an inventive way to deter intruders….

wild flowers on central reservation of dual carriageway

This summer the council have planted wild flowers on all the central reservations and roundabouts – they look lovely – the photo doesn’t show it very well, but there are blue and orange ones in there as well.  What a great way to attract bees and birds!  I think they are a lot nicer than the regimented rows of bedding plants that are usually there.  Maybe more subtle and less showy…

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I’ve recently started using an Iphone/Ipod Touch app called Instagram.  It’s like Facebook for photos and I’ve got in the habit of posting one or two a day.  I found a WordPress plugin which will post them here on my blog so I thought I’d make a post from my photos once a week or so.  A bit like Wordless Wednesdays….  If you click on a photo it takes you to the original picture.

I don’t have an Iphone but I have my photos on my Ipod Touch and Instagram is great because you just choose a photo and can apply various filters to it and when you find one you like, you upload it to Instagram.  I think the reason the app has taken off is because it is so simple.  I came across it by accident.  We went to London for a few days during half term week and on the Sunday I visited the Bethnal Green and Spitalfields area.  In Brick Lane there was an exhibition called My World Shared by the Instagram London group in a little gallery.  So I googled Instagram and liked what I saw!

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Hen book review

Here, at last, is the review of the hen book I was sent a few months ago! 

hen keeping book 

This is the cover of the book: Hen Keeping.  You will notice that the author has a very appropriate name!  The publishers, New Holland, have a series called Self-Sufficiency and this is one of them.  In fact, I just went to the category on their website and I think more titles have been added recently.  Natural Remedies and Foraging sound two interesting subjects to me, being a closet self sufficiency enthusiast! 

hen book review 

The book is quite small format, which I like, and very down to earth.  It was a very useful and straightforward guide for beginners to hen keeping like myself.  I liked it best of the out three books I’d reviewed.   It has sections on choosing your birds, housing, feeding, cleaning, all the things you need to know when starting out.  Together with the Omlet forum (the forum related to the Eglu, which is the henhouse I have), it gave me a very good start.

hen book review

The book is divided into two halves: The Basics, and then essentially a dictionary of poultry breeds, with pictures and a rundown of the characteristics of each, which are suitable for newcomers to henkeeping, etc.    All in all, a very useful little book.

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