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Inspiration Packs galore! Buy them now!!

Phew!  Just got back from a long weekend in Somerset and am now raring to go! 

As I was saying last week, I am having a big clearout of fabrics because I want to concentrate on dyeing and painting wholecloth fabric rather than using small pieces of miscellaneous fabrics for patchwork.  So, if you want fabric and thread for embroidery, patchwork, collage, layering or whatever, here’s your chance! 

I have sorted them into bags of roughly 300-400 grams (12oz to 1lb) .  The fabrics are mostly in pieces which are fat quarter or fat eighth size, some more, some scraps, some with bits cut out but still plenty of good usable stuff.  I think all the bags have at least some hand dyed cotton and/or silk fabric; there are also pieces of organza, chiffon, silk, scrim, velvet, etc.  It’s all a mixture, sorted by colour.    A real lucky dip!!

I am selling them at £18 per bag plus postage – UK is £2 and you can use the Paypal button at the end of this post. 

Here are a few examples of what you will get in a bag:

inspiration pack for sale - blue

This one is mostly blues – 340gm.    There is some turquoise metallic organza, about 5”x19”, about a fat quarter (maybe more) of grey-blue hand dyed cotton, just over a fat quarter of turquoise stretch velvet, just under a fat quarter of pale blue cotton, a fat quarter of blue-green batik fabric with fish on, about a fat eighth of blue-turquoise mottled cotton fabric, approx fat quarter turquoise vintage Laura Ashley cotton fabric, same amount blue tulle,  about half a yard of Michael Miller zigzaggy fabric (the colourful one in the foreground), just under fat quarter of blue fabric with little ferns on, piece of navy blue cotton, some scraps of indigo dyed cotton, piece of nepalese hand dyed lokta paper, about 2 metres of blue satin ribbon, several lots of thread.UPDATE – SOLD NOW

green pack of fabric

This one is 330 grams and mostly greens (veering towards yellowy or browny greens).  Here we have some hand dyed yellow-green scrim or cheesecloth, about 12” by 30”, some green cotton fabric just under a fat quarter, green tulle about the same size, hand dyed green velvet roughly 12” square, acid dyed yellow-green silk dupion about 8” square, about half a yard of green rayon fabric with little diamond pattern, fat eighth or so of green cotton fabric with watermark effect, three pieces of various shades of green cotton, one with swirly pattern, hand dyed green-brown felt about 20” by 8”, strip of hand dyed cotton oranges, purples, turquoises, 4”x28”, hand dyed green silk rod, 4’ 1.5”wide green organza ribbon, various hanks of thread.

green fabric pack for sale

These are 330 grams, again, and more greeny purples.  There’s about a metre of green metallicy lace with daisies on it (very glittery!), some funny shimmery green/purple fabric, four different hand dyed green cotton fabrics (fat quarter to fat eighth size) … can you tell I’m getting bored with measuring things?!! – about a fat quarter of silk crepe which I bought in France, hand dyed with green and flecks of magenta and orange, some silk dupion, a very spectacular 9” square piece of silk habotai which I painted with pink and green silk paints using salt – it looks a bit fireworky, scraps of hand dyed silk rod and silk fibres, about a fat quarter of hand dyed green/purply-pink butter muslin, some very shimmery greeny polyester organza good for dragonfly wings, about a 9” square piece of hand felted fibres with silky threads trapped in it (green), some darkish green cotton fabric with a black overall swirly pattern on it.SORRY, SOLD!!

That’s all I’m going to describe because I can feel myself wanting to put it all back again and keep it for myself but I must clear it to get some space to create more!!! 

£18 plus £2 postage (UK) – if you are overseas, email me and I’ll send you a Paypal invoice with amended postage. Give me your colour preference in the ‘Message to seller’ box. Or leave a comment if you have any problems!

UPDATE: I have now put photos of all the bundles with Paypal buttons (postage to UK only) on this permanent blog page.

The colour combinations I’ve got are: yellows/greens; red-purples; blues/blue-greens; yellow/oranges; reds; golds/browns; purples; orange/blue; black/white; reds/dusky oranges; blues/browns; sea greens/blue; greens; and blue/turquoise. Ask me if you want to know more about them.

Destashing and processing….

I had a wonderful time at Committed to Cloth last week – I’m still processing it but when I’ve done so, I’ll write a proper blog post on it.  But one thing I got out of it was that I need to focus rather than fluttering around all the techniques under the sun; so I’ve begun a destash.  I’ve decided that my main passion is on dyeing, painting and printing whole cloth so I’m clearing out a lot of my smaller pieces of dyed fabric.

I love playing around with colour and had great fun sorting my cotton, silk, velvet and organza into various piles and once Easter is over I will be putting lots of these bags of assorted fabric and threads up for sale on my blog.  Let me know if you’re interested!  I’ll go into more details once I get organised but here are a few photos…

Here are the bags I’ve done so far…

inspiration bags of fabrics

This is the red one with examples of the sorts of goodies in there –

red inspiration pack of fabrics

Blog Giveaway – the winners!!!!!!!

Golly – 56 comments!! What a response – thank you, everyone.  I can’t wait to sit down and follow up all your links and see if anything comes out a clear favourite.

So… the giveaway ended  25 minutes ago as I type.  I wrote down all the numbers of the comments on little pieces of paper and folded them all neatly.

draw for giveaway

BTW, the writing you can see is because I was being good and reusing paper that had one side already printed!

giving it a stir

I gave it a good stir with the nearest available implement….

DS3 picks a piece of paper...

….  asked DS3 to pick out one of the pieces of paper…

DS1 picks the other...

… and trudged up to the top floor of our house to ask DS1 to pick out the other… and …. drumroll……

The winning numbers are:

winning numbers

Which translates to:

Pippa and Maggie!!!!!!!

I’ll be emailing both of you, but if you see this first, please email me your snail mail addresses and I’ll put your bundles in the post asap.  If you have a preference as to pink or purple, tell me – if you both want the same one, the first email to reach me gets it!

Bank Holiday Blog Giveaway

I’ve decided to have a bit of a destash because I have far more fabric than I can ever use.  So I decided to celebrate the bank holiday weekend in the UK here by having a giveaway.  I haven’t done this before so it’s a bit of an experiment! 

I have sorted two little parcels of fabrics, thread and beads, one with a roughly pink colour scheme, the other purple. 

two piles of purple and pink fabrics to give away!

Here’s the pink one.  There are some good sized pieces in there!

pink giveaway

Some hand dyed pieces, some commercial, silk, chiffon, felt…


All tied up with a length of rick-rack!

And here is the purple parcel:

purple fabrics

Some batik fabric there, a bit of tweed, silk, hand dyed cotton…

purple parcel

And that is all tied up with some satin ribbon!

To be in with a chance to win one of these inspirational packs, you just have to have a look at my Etsy shop and leave a comment here telling me which is your favourite thing in it.   You have until after the bank holiday on Monday,  so on Tuesday at 5pm British Summer Time I will write all your names on to bits of paper, put them all into a hat and get one of my sons to pick a name randomly.    Very high tech!  Then I’ll announce the winners here.


Good luck!

February TIF challenge

Yes, I know that it is March but I’ve had February’s challenge mulling around in my brain for a few weeks and I thought that, although it is far from finished, I ought to write a post about it.

The challenge for February was to design something around the theme of ‘what I remember’.  I decided to go with photos of my Nan and things I could remember about her, things she used to say.  She had Alzheimers for the last 8 years of her life, and a year or two ago I decided to write down everything I could remember about what she did and said when I was growing up.  I suppose I was lucky that she was around for so much of my adulthood but I think I took her presence and her personality for granted, until it wasn’t any more.

I bought some Lazertran Silk at a show a few years ago without any clear purpose for it and we have a black and white laser printer so, rather than try and seek out a colour photocopier shop and try and convince the proprietor to let me put this alien stuff into it, I decided to do everything in black and white.  Several months ago I had a mass printing session of all the eight sheets of Lazertran but hadn’t actually transferred it on to fabric.

One of these sheets was full of old family photos which my Nan had given me when I was a teenager and which I had scanned into the computer, so I tore around the individual images on the Lazertran and transferred them on to habotai silk. 

lazertran silk transfers

This is as far as I have got so far with it, but I hope to arrange them either as postcards or as a whole artwork and incorporate some of the things I have got written down about my Nan or what she said or did.  Since I haven’t done much with text on fabric, this will be a new learning curve!

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