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Let me in!!!

cobweb on sandpit

Just a quick post before bedtime.  This is our cat, Cobweb, who is getting very old now (about 18).  He has taken to sitting on this old turtle sandpit of the kids’ which they have long outgrown.   I suppose it’s warmer than the concrete patio but I think he looks so funny here.

Don’t look too closely at the overgrown garden in the background.  I call it wildlife friendly.  Well, when Cobweb is safely inside the house, that is….

A little sunprinting

I am not well at the moment – I have a nasty fluey sort of bug – I started shivering yesterday and it took a hat, 2 duvets and a fleece jacket to get warm.  I have been sleeping a lot today and feel a bit better now.  Let’s hope it’s a quick one.  I have felt as though I was going down with something all week – very lethargic and depressed.   But I am doing a swap on one of my Etsy street teams and I decided to do some sunprinting earlier in the week.  Here are a few details of it so as not to give the game away!

sunprint nearly dry

Here it is when it was nearly dry.  And here is another corner of it when heat set and washed:


The bottom picture is more the colour.  I took the first photo outside.  The sun didn’t come out very much that day but luckily I caught 20 minutes of it!  It is a silk scarf.

Of course, I mixed the wrong colour first so I had to do another one!  This is a part of it:

sunprint 2 

This one didn’t come out as well as the first but I painted into it with some red silk paint.  I will put up a picture of it when it is finished.

Finally, there is a blackbird’s nest on one of the stone lintels of our house, behind the wisteria.  This photo isn’t a very good one but you can just see two of the birds’ eyes poking out if you look closely.  I had suspected that there was one because a blackbird kept flying into the wisteria so I had a good look and there they were!  I think they’ve fledged now though.

blackbird nest

This was taken out of our bedroom window!

Gocco print on front page of Etsy!!!

Every few hours, one of the treasuries on Etsy is chosen to be the featured treasury for the Etsy home page.  Today a treasury that one of my Gocco prints was in, curated by Sara of SilveroftheValley, was in the prime spot!  I missed it but someone kindly did a screenshot and here it is – see if you can spot mine!!

homepage of Etsy showing my Gocco print

Woo hoo!! It is so exciting!  (Sorry, I’m a saddo…).  Do check out Sara’s shop, though – she makes absolutely exquisite jewellery from art clay silver.  (If you want to know what that is, she explains that, too, in her shop profile. 

The wisteria is out at the front of our house at the moment and it smells absolutely gorgeous.  The weather has been really warm and sunny (mostly) so the smell has been wafting through the house through the open windows.  Here is a photo I took of it last week just as the leaves were opening but before the flowers emerged.

wisteria leaves opening


I have been busy over the last few weeks finishing some postcards for a postcard swap with Art2Mail.  There are 27 here (I think!).  Here is a tantalizing taster for the recipients:

pile of fabric postcards for swap 

I have also been installing a router for our wireless network – we have had a very temperamental, ancient system until now and I got fed up of getting cut off and having to go and tweak various adaptors.  The only problem is that now one of the computers the kids use, which still runs Windows 98, can’t connect.  So we are getting lots of complaints about being bored over this half term week…

On another note, the garden has still got some colour, despite it being nearly November.   Things don’t usually just grow for me, and when they do the slugs beat me to it, but I just stuck a few nasturtium seeds in last spring, and one of them is ENORMOUS!   It has grown and climbed from the patio across most of the width of the lawn and is still flowering.  I like to eat the nasturtium flowers.  I visited the restaurant at Garden Organic (which used to be called HDRA) a few years ago and they served various flowers in the salad and it gave me confidence to try some of them at home.  Nasturtium flowers have a nice peppery flavour.  Trouble is, I can’t manage to bring myself to pick many of these….

orange nasturtium flower

While I was pegging out washing the other day I moved the trampoline cover and underneath were these eggs – I assume insect or reptile eggs.  Anyone know what they are?   There were also a lot of slugs hoping to overwinter snugly under there as well!

unidentified insect eggs

A bit of colour….

I love this gladioli.  It came up suddenly last year after we had lived in this house for 9 years. 

pink gladioli

We had a blustery day and it got blown over and the stem broke so I had to bring it in and put it in a vase.  Oh well…. silver linings and all that!

close up of pink gladioli

Tiny flowers

I thought it was time for a bit of visual relief so I took the camera for a walk in the garden this afternoon and turned the macro setting on.  

blue flower

Not sure what this flower is but it is on a very long stem and looks a bit like a harebell.   We got lots of free packets of wild flowers at a Springwatch ‘Breathing Places’ open day last year in Newport and I think this is one of them.  In fact it is the only new wild flower I have noticed growing in the garden and I’ve scattered a lot of seeds around!

herb robert

This is herb robert but it is pinker than the photo shows.

yellow weed!

Don’t know what this is but it is one of those weeds that you mean to pull up and then it flowers and you change your mind!

101 blog tips and a couple of plants…

This is an interesting list of tips about blogging which Sharon of In A Minute Ago pointed to in today’s blog post.  I don’t understand some of them so I must read up about it.  Trouble is… if you did all of this it would be a full time job, I suspect.

I planted a few seeds not long ago.  Here are some nasturtium seedlings coming up.  I love bright nasturtium flowers and you can also use them in salads – they have a peppery flavour.  If the slugs don’t beat me to it!

nasturtium seedling

And here is a photo of the avocado plant which germinated from an avocado stone which I had put out in disgust having soaked it and tried to germinate it for weeks.  It is doing well, isn’t it?  I recently planted it into a bigger pot – it had been in the small original pot all winter but as soon as spring came it grew more vigorously.  The poinsettia beside it looks quite puny and tired – it has just put all its energy into the flowers and will need cutting back soon so it can recoup its strength.

avocado plant and poinsettia on windowsill

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