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gocco printed Moleskine journals

medieval city journal

medieval city journal

medieval city journal


French street

Bristol boat

Honfleur harbour

Tretinoin gel price

A few weeks ago, Guenther Panenka of Vendita on line cialis in italia sent me a sample of a plastic frame he had developed which will fit in the Print Gocco machine to enable its use with unframed thermofax mesh.  He also sent me a few different carbon pencils.  So yesterday, I decided to give them a go!  I had a play with the pencils, shown below:

print gocco

This is my original image:

print gocco

I decided to stick with my reeds imagery.  The lighter, thicker marks were made with a Koh-i-noor Gioconda charcoal pencil and the thinner darker lines with a Phano china marker no 77 black.  I flashed it on to some unframed mesh and attached it to Guenther’s frame:

print gocco

This is the frame – you’ll see that it is the same shape as the Riso hi-mesh screens so it fits in the machine well.  It is thin and flexible and went into the slots easily.

When attaching the screen, it is best to have a hi-mesh screen alongside to make sure you attach it the same way round!  I didn’t do this the first time so had a bit of reattaching to do!

print gocco

I placed double sided tape all round the edges of the plastic frame and then stuck the mesh to it.  I then stuck sellotape along the two long sides and a small amount on the straight bits of the short sides.   For the plastic sheet which encloses the ink, I cut a rectangle off a cellophane bag and stuck it on to the relevant edge with double sided tape.  All this worked perfectly while I was printing.

print gocco

I inked it up and put it into the machine:

print gocco

Here are some of the results:

print gocco

print gocco

print gocco

I think this last one was just after I had reinked it…

I plan to overprint these with various images, but you can see the amount of detail compared with the original image.  I was using 70 mesh thermofax screen – you can get 100 which is finer, but i don’t have any.   Sometime I will give it a go with a more detailed image to see how the 70 mesh holds up.

I also overprinted a few other prints:

print gocco with bird

And I printed a few reeds two or even three times on top of each other:

print gocco

I could see these working well as a background.

print gocco

And overprinted some decorated papers…
One thing to remember is to use ink blocking to keep the ink within the frame – this is a good idea always because it keeps the ink inside the printing area and saves ink, but especially with the plastic frames which are non absorbent – you don’t want ink in the slots of your Print Gocco!

If you want to order the plastic screens, go to Buy nolvadex online canada and click on the top dropdown box in the left sidebar.  Scroll down nearly to the bottom and you will see it says Print Gocco. Click ‘go’ and it will take you there.    The site is in German but if you click the contact box you can email Guenther in English.

Guenther has also got a webpage with lots of hints for using his thermofax machines, a lot of which is relevant to Print Gocco users.  And he says that “the new Gocco-successor called A5 internally is (slowly but surely) developing”.

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Last year I traced part of a medieval woodcut print of a cityscape using one of the Dover books, and made it into a Gocco screen.  I’m not sure that the screen I made was very successful because I didn’t shade it enough to give it dimension and the resultant prints just weren’t very clear.   I printed several Moleskine journals with it and put them in my Etsy shop.  Here is one so you can see what I mean:

Moleskine printed with print gocco machine

Actually this one is even more unclear because I used white ink and gold embossing powder!   But I did do some with white ink on black which wasn’t much better.

Anyway, they’re not like that anymore!  This afternoon I got the watercolour paints out and highlighted a few of the features, I hope more successfully:

Moleskine printed with print gocco machine

Here’s a close up of that last picture:

Moleskine printed with print gocco machine

I also tried a different sort of highlighting on the black one:

Moleskine printed with print gocco machine

I did this one with a silver pen.

Moleskine printed with print gocco machine

I stamped this one with my angel stamp as I think she looks pretty medieval too!

These are all for sale in Doxycycline the generics pharmacy, by the way.  What do you think? Does my colouring improve them or spoil them?

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Karen Stiehl Osborn has just written a tutorial on her blog entitled Lasix ohne rezept bestellen. If you use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and want to make a Gocco screen or thermofax screen and don’t know the best way to alter a photograph to make the best sort of image for it, check it out!

If you prefer using Paint Shop Pro, I wrote an article a few months ago on the same subject. You can find it Drug store online shopping canada. There is also a link on my left sidebar.

While I’m on the subject of Gocco prints, I do still have some Print Gocco machines – PG10 and PG10 Supers – for sale, and have reduced the prices for April so there’s still a few days left!