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Fun with shrink plastic

I bought a pack of postcard sized shrink plastic from Hobbycraft a few years ago, thinking the kids might like to play with it.   But there was a distinct lack of interest so I appropriated it myself.  And with the advent of the Gocco, the postcard sized pieces were just the right size.  As you know, when I start printing anything that doesn’t run out of the way is a candidate and these were no exception.

Here is a piece with my crow stamped on it:

crow gocco stamped on shrink plastic 

For the last few months, however, I’ve just had these pieces of plastic sitting there gradually getting used up, and hadn’t got round to shrinking them.  So last week I remedied that.  It was a bit of a learning curve – I started off with the heat gun but this didn’t give much control and the pieces ended up a bit knobbly and occasionally bits stuck to each other, so I did the rest in the oven.    Here they are all together:

shrink plastic pieces

I had punched holes in some of them to begin with – one, two, or lots.  And I rounded off most of the corners.    I did try punching shapes with a punch but that particular one stuck in the punch and cracked when I tried to release it. 

rouen cathedral with angel - shrink plastic

I like these of Rouen Cathedral and stamped angel… in reverse!  I didn’t realise that the shrink plastic was clear and the side you looked at was the reverse of the side you stamp.  But it doesn’t matter. 


I stamped this crow and then rubbed a yellow – yes, yellow – stamp pad around the outside.


And this one is my ‘Newport houses’ print, none the worse for being in reverse!  I did this with the heat gun as you can probably tell.  On reflection, I quite like the irregularities of shrinking with a heat gun.  The finished pieces, by the way, are about 1″x1.5″ so they did shrink a LOT – having started out at 4″x6″.  I might put one or two for sale on Etsy – they might make good embellishments for journals or small quilts or mixed media pieces.    What do you think?

A few Gocco printed Moleskine Journals….

Sorry for the lack of posts  recently.  I’ve been down with a nasty virus and sinus infection.  Starting to feel a bit better now.

I’ve put several new Gocco printed moleskine journals into my Etsy shop – they are great as stocking fillers and are definitely my best seller.

barges moleskine journal

This one has canal barges from a photograph I took in Birmingham.

medieval woodprint gocco journal

I made this Gocco print from a Dover book of medieval city woodprints.  I printed this in white ink and then embossed it using white embossing powder so the detail stands out.

London bus gocco moleskine

This one has a print of the London bus which I talked about earlier in the year.

welsh terraced houses gocco moleskine journal 

This one is a print of the terraced houses in Newport which I did for the Gocco swap a month or two ago.

crow gocco printed moleskine journal 

And I do like this crow!

I’ve been playing with shrink plastic lately too – you can print with the Gocco on it and then shrink it.  I think I’m going to make them into keyrings or pendants.  But at the moment the shrinking bit is on a learning curve….

Slate worker’s cottage gocco prints

Here are the slate worker’s cottage Gocco prints I did a couple of days ago.  This is the original photo:

slate workers' cottage in Blaenau Ffestiniog

I cropped this, and couldn’t bring myself to stick to the rather drab colours … the screen started off rather colourful and I added black as I went along, and mixed it into the remaining colour left on the screen to make the progression…

gocco print of slate worker's cottage gocco print of slate worker's cottage

gocco print of slate worker's cottage

I also printed it on to different coloured paper which made for interest:

gocco print of slate worker's cottage

gocco print of slate worker's cottage

This one is on handmade Indian Khadi paper.

And I have some decorative scrapbooking paper which I printed one on… looks like it’s in a snowscene!

gocco print of slate worker's cottage

I do like putting in a photo of all the cards drying in the rack:

gocco prints of slate worker's cottage

Hundertwasser socks and a bit more gocco printing

I haven’t had much knitting on the pages of this blog for a while.  It seems to be the winter when I do most of it, because of the long dark evenings when the light isn’t good enough for getting the colours right to create something with fabrics or paint.

This time I made another pair of socks out of some gorgeous Hundertwasser sock yarn by Opal which I bought in Abergavenny market a while ago.  Here they are in their colourful glory!

hundertwasser socks

I’m looking forward to wearing them through the cold weather….

I’ve also been doing some more Gocco printing this week, using a couple of screens I made to test some of the machines I’ve been selling.  This one is a crow which I drew using the Gocco pen and doodled inside to fill in the pattern of his feathers.  It is a small one which I’ve printed on lots of little cards and a few Moleskine notebooks.

little crow gocco prints

crow Gocco print on Moleskine notebook

I also printed one on this previously painted newspaper:


I’ve also stamped this at the bottom with a wall-shaped print block that I made from fun foam (great for making print blocks!). 

Today I printed an image of a cottage in the grounds of the slate mine we visited in North Wales in the summer but that will be the subject of my next post…

Gocco B5 for sale

I have just put a Gocco B5 for sale on my Gocco sales page. This is the older version of the PG Arts, which gives a double size print size in comparison with the B6 and others. I also still have some yellow B6 machines for sale.

Gocco B5 for sale

Gocco B5 for sale

Next journal….


I didn’t make last week’s journal in Sue’s journal making course because it was a wire bound one and I have a Bind it All machine which I thought would do the job adequately.  But I did make this accordian fold one the week before, with envelopes as signatures.   I decided to make it from the remaining house fabric.

journal with house fabric

I had previous gocco printed some brown envelopes which I bought in Machynllech on holiday.  Some of them I got upside down but because they were put in vertically in this journal it didn’t matter!

house journal

The gocco prints are of buildings too, so they fitted in nicely with the theme.  I didn’t have quite enough so I also put this white envelope with a lovely bee stamp which someone sent me a while ago.  I kept it because it looked so nice and I’m glad I did because I’ve finally found a use for it.


We made little journals to go inside the envelopes and, being short of time, I decided to use some of the scraps from the previous house journal to make triangular ones, instead of the larger rectangular ones in Sue’s instructions.

little triangular books

Here they are sitting in their little pockets:

little journals peeking out of envelope signature

triangular journal from above 

I even got an ATC sized piece out of the scraps and I think it looks great with this altered leaf on top of it!


Ecoetsy Auction in aid of the Nature Conservancy

As you may remember, I am in a Street Team on Etsy called Ecoetsy.  This week they are having an auction in aid of the Nature Conservancy, of a basket of Eco-minded goodies donated by members of the team.  You can read all about it on the Auction page of the Ecoetsy Website.  Unfortunately, you can only take part if you are in the US to prevent any legal issues as well as prevent shipping issues that may arise due to regulations that other countries have.   The auction ends on the 30 October. 

I donated a collaged piece of artwork incorporating a felted sweater in an Incan design and various wires from odd sources… you can see it below.

collage in aid of ecoetsy auction

Follow the links on the website to photos of the donated goodies.  The Ecoetsy blog is also featuring the contents with descriptions of each of the donations.

While I’m on the subject of Etsy, I have a few new listings on there.  A couple of Moleskine journals:

moleskine notebook gocco printed with terraced welsh streets for sale on Etsy

Moleskine notebook gocco printed with Rouen Cathedral for sale on Etsy 

And one of my Rainy Streets series of postcards:

Rainy Streets postcard for sale on Etsy

I’ve also reduced my prices on a lot of things to reflect the fact that the pound is worth less against the dollar, so it’s a good time to buy Christmas pressies!!

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