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Handmade books

I’ve been madly making handmade books with all the painted papers I made on LK Ludwig’s course last month.  I love her method of making books as it is easy and doesn’t require lots of accurate measuring or covering board with paper or anything like that.  Or stitching the boards on to the signatures – you just glue them on to tapes that you’ve incorporated into the stitching of the signatures.   Yummy.  Here are some of them:

hand made book

Look away, Carol, or any other of my book collecting friends!… because these ones use the boards from old books.  But I only used ones which would get thrown away anyway, or put into the recycling bin.  Rescued books…

hand made book

As well as the painted papers course, I’ve now signed up to LK’s shadows and light journalling course so I’m going to be drawing over the photos you see in the journals.  Or some of them.

hand made book


The photo below shows four of the books sitting on top of a larger one which I made to focus on leaves and reeds and nature generally.  This bookmaking is getting addictive!



This one is using some leather scraps that I’ve had sitting in a bag for ages.  They make great tapes for attaching the boards.  The book is an old children’s book that was falling apart, which I painted over with black acrylic paint then scratched into to reveal the printed cover underneath.  And I’ve kept the inside pages to print over with my Gocco.

I also had a bit of a play with some paper from my Pogo printer today.  I read somewhere that it was heat activated so I messed around with my craft soldering iron.  I found that by varying the speed with which I drew with it, I could alter the colours it produced.  And by using the side of the tip rather than the tip itself, could vary the width.  Fun! I think I’ll try it on some of the photos I have printed with them to make them more personal.

drawing on pogo paper

Article in QuiltWOW!

If you’re a member of QuiltWOW, you’ll notice I have an article in the new June issue, about painting on fabric with acrylic paints. Maggie Grey asked me in the spring to write one, and I was thrilled because her online workshops site, Workshop on the Web is well respected and well known and QuiltWOW is the quilting version of it. As you’ll know if you are a regular reader, I love online workshops!

If you haven’t come across them before, there are free taster issues online which are well worth visiting.

Here is a sneak peek at one of the photos in my article:

nasturtium flower on fabric

I painted lots more fabric that I didn’t use for the article so I might post pics of them in the blog over the next month or two.

I was also honoured to be asked by John Turner, editor of the journal of the NSW Guild of Craft Bookbinders, if he could reprint my tutorial on making concertina books in the journal. Of course I agreed, and he kindly sent me a number of issues of the journal which I’m looking forward to reading.

If you missed the tutorial, which I wrote back in December 2006 and which still gets hits today, here’s the link to it.

Summer always seems to be a busy time with exams and kids’ outdoor activities, so I haven’t had much time for textile stuff. I recently bought some family tree software – other members of my family have done most of the hard work and have got back as far as the 1700s in some cases – but I thought I’d like to have a go myself. The software came with a free month’s subscription to Ancestry so I have been making good use of it while I can, delving into census returns and trying to solve the mystery of missing persons and wrongly transcribed names! I also went on a visit to the Black Country Museum just outside Birmingham where they have a cottage that my great great great grandparents used to live in! More in the next post, when I’ve uploaded my photos!

A little book

I meant to blog about this little book I made with my Bind it All just before Christmas.   I even found a title for it in the Drafts folder of Windows Live Writer!   I had a little scrap of the wire spiral binding to use up and just felt like playing, because I haven’t used it much since I bought it and I think a lot of this is because I have to look up the instructions every time I want to make one and it just takes too much time….  Unfortunately I couldn’t work out how to just punch the middle with three holes so it has a couple of empty holes top and bottom.  I suppose I could use these to advantage by threading some decorative yarn or beads through them…  The book is about 3 inches square.

little book made with Bind it All

The covers are made using painted matboard which has been textured with tissue paper.   I made this when I was working through  Mary Todd Beam’s book, Celebrate your creative self.  


I filled it with random decorated pages – this is some painted Japanese newspaper that the Gocco machines are packed with and, I think, some patterned paper randomly stencilled with some sequin waste.

little book with gocco printed page

This page has been Gocco printed with my medieval woodcut screen.

gocco printed pages in little book

This one has an angel stamp and a sort of partial repeated print of the Newport streets gocco screen.  An abstract, arty and definitely unrepeatable print!

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