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Swatch for SSS shawl

Here is the swatch for the Knitalong shawl which I am participating in:

swatch for shawl

It is rather larger than it should be but I’ve got plenty of yarn and I’m happy with the looseness so I think I’ll stick with the needle size, 3.5mm.  It is Jaggerspun Zephyr yarn.

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Cobweb ring shawl

I did it – I blocked it!   Problem is, when I had blocked it, I saw all the mistakes I had made…. and also there was a hole in it, whether made by moths or rough treatment I’m not sure.  I think I can mend it – I’m certainly not going to unpick it after all this time, that’s for sure!!

Having said all that, I was ASTOUNDED at the difference it made to the shawl.  I am definitely going to block all lace stuff in the future.

Here is a corner of it pinned out on the floor – it was difficult to see the whole thing because of the colour of the sheet underneath which doesn’t provide enough contrast.

cobweb ring shawl being blocked

Here it is now it is dry:

ring shawl

Please ignore the state of my studio in the background – perfectly normal, I assure you!

I loved it when the light shone through it:

ring shawl with sun shining through

I found the pattern and a small ball of the yarn so I will be able to mend it with the same stuff.  It was a kit purchased from the Women’s Realm magazine, price £4.47, 71p per hank!  Golly.  6 hanks of Cobweb Shetland Wool from Messrs Jamieson and Smith of Lerwick in Shetland in 1985.  History!

Stupidly I don’t have any ‘before’ photos for you to compare it with….

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Swatch for Springshawlsurprice knitalong!

I’m taking part in my first knitalong in the spring, as a result of being on Ravelry and finding out what’s out there!  I have knitted very little lace but I did knit a Shetland ringshawl a couple of decades ago (it took me a few years to finish it but I eventually did!).  I didn’t know about what a difference blocking made until I read Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Handbook by Debbie Stoller so I have never blocked it, but I plan to very shortly and will post a picture of it when I do.    When one of my sons was dedicated as a baby, I wrapped him in it.  Right, now I’ve written it, nag me till I do it!!

Anyway, for the knitalong we have just been given a swatch to do to get used to knitting with our chosen yarn and to ensure the edges are elastic enough.  I’m using Jaggerspun Zephyr 2/18 laceweight wool/silk in claret:

Jaggerspun Zephyr laceweight yarn

Hopefully this will be enough!!!!

Here is my swatch:

swatch in burgundy yarn 

I’m glad I had this practice because it took quite a lot of getting used to, and the needles I used were very slippery.  I’m going to order some special lace knitting needles by Addi which apparently make it easier.

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Ravelry – I’m in!

A new feature on the sidebar is a link to Ravelry! Ravelry is a fairly new – and definitely new to me – site where you can upload all your knitting projects, stash, etc, and find yarn and patterns and stuff like that. So if you’ve got some yarn and you don’t know what to do with it, you can search for what other people have made with it. Entry is by invitation only at the moment so if you fancy it, add your name to the waiting list! My invite came this week so I’ve been starting to explore it and add my stuff. I am looking forward to delving deeper into it because I’ve got a few yarns which I’d like ideas on what to make. I’m not very good at working out how to change yarns from what a pattern says to what I have in my stash! If you’re a member of Ravelry already, you can see my project pages here.

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