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Clients from Hell

I’m sorry for the lack of posts recently; it’s been a busy and stressful time with two of my sons taking exams, and I don’t seem to have had anything textiley to write about.

My eldest son sent me the link yesterday to this wonderful website called Clients from Hell with pages and pages of web designers’ experiences with clients. Have a look! From wanting pink text on a red background to expecting website coding for free ‘because it’s fun for you’, it kept me amused all evening.

Journal 2!

Here is the second journal I have made on Sue’s course.  I made the outside with some yummy silk dupion which has been on my shelves for some time, too nice to use until now.

silk journal

It is a bit smaller than A4 landscape size and is meant to be a sketchbook, although I’ve got a feeling I will be a bit wary of using it because I won’t want to get any marks on it!

The button is a ceramic one which I bought in a button shop in one of the arcades in Cardiff ages ago.

ceramic button on silk sketchbook

It is covering up velcro actually, rather than being a functional button….   We put grommets along the spine to hold those rings like you have in ring binders, which will open.  I’m not very happy with mine, mainly because I had to purloin them from a photograph album I made in the 80s and they are rather stiff!  But I couldn’t find any locally.

spine of journal

We painted watercolour paper to go inside the book.  I painted this one with a mixture of walnut inks and acrylic ink and water and laid clingfilm on top to produce the texture.  I made some tags out of it too.

painted paper and tags

This one is just acrylic inks (with a bit of white acrylic paint to make the red ink pink), diluted with water and with clingfilm added.  I think this looks a bit like fireworks!  I like the way you can manipulate the clingfilm to influence the patterns you get, although it is still unpredictable. 

pink and blue watercolour paper

You can just see the pockets in the inside of the sketchbook.  These are for holding pens and other paraphernalia.  The fabric is some Australian eucalyptus leaf fabric which I received in a swap. 

If you want to have a look at lots more journals which people have been making, Sue opened a Flickr Group – you can view the photos even though you can’t join the group unless you are in the class.

By way of a change, I thought I’d post a photo of my three boys sitting opposite me on the Tube last week.  We went to London to see the First Emperor exhibition in the British Museum – the first time any of the Terracotta Army warriors have left China.    I don’t post photos of them very often but I thought this was so funny.  DS2 and 3 don’t get on and you can tell!  This was the only one I managed to get with DS2’s head in it – in all the others, he managed to avoid me by hiding behind a newspaper!

travelling on the tube

I didn’t take many photos in London, but shot this garage as it looks so old fashioned – it is in the heart of Bloomsbury and I could just see Bertie Wooster (well, Jeeves actually I suppose) filling up the car there….

Bloomsbury service station

Etsy Goodies

Over the last few weeks I have acquired a lot of things from Etsy sellers and three of them arrived this morning so I thought I would post pictures of them all here.

I did a trade with Marion of Artmixter – Spiralling Joy went to a new home and I acquired:

Art Quilt Window by Marion Barnett DSCN3460

Art Quilt Window and Dream Journey.  Aren’t I lucky?

The Boomers Street Team also had a swap, and this morning mine arrived:

Galaxy by Jean Hood

This is ‘Galaxy’ by Jean Hood. 

I have also bought a few ACEOs …

white tree and black tree by Sixsisters

These are White Tree and Black Tree by Sixsisters.

And this one arrived today:

Blue myrtle mixed media monotype by Nancy Ryan

This is Blue myrtle mixed media monotype by Nancy Ryan.  I was her very first customer!

This is another very unusual ACEO I bought from ZudaGay, who makes amazing and beautiful things with polymer clay…

Feeling like a St Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt?

In Etsy I’m on the Ecoetsy Street Team, which tries to find recreative ways to use recycled packaging for our goods.

Today we are having a Scavenger Hunt starting at 12 noon EST which is 4pm in Britain, and it ends at 12 midnight EST (which is the middle of the night for us UKers so start looking!!) or until all the prizes have been found.

More detailed instructions are on the team blog NOW!!!.

Lots of prizes to be won – rush over there and come and join us!!


How to make and sell something on Etsy

On Etsy, I am a member of the Boomers Street Team for people over 40 (oops, giving away my age here…).  We have a chat thread on the forums and over the last 24 hours a funny list has been compiled of the process of making items and selling them.  At least, I thought it was funny … enough to share with you all, with permission.

Here we go then… hold tight…

The Stages of Product Creation:

(1) Dream it up.
(1a) Consult with fellow Boomers.

(2) Dawdle.

(3) Gather supplies.
(3a) Pull things from boxes, shelves, drawers, closets, and all flat surfaces.
(3b) Touch everything.
(3c) Rearrange everything. (Categorize, shuffle, toss, rearrange, stack, reposition.)
(3d) Despair over colors, shapes, and not having enough variety. (Grumble, mumble, snort, harumph, sigh.)

(4) Dawdle.
(4a) Doodle.
(4b) Chat with Boomers.
(4c) Have a cup of tea, a glass of Pepsi, a smoothie, latte or ?
(4d) Eat chocolate.
(4e) Weigh thyself.

(5) Fret.
(5a) Fret about product idea.
(5b) Fret about weight.
(5c) Seek diet partner among Boomers.

(6) Go back to piles of stuff.
(6a) Rearrange stuff.
(6b) Put stuff back the way you found it.
(6c) Put stuff on the wall, on the floor, on the dining room table, or anywhere that’s in the way of anything else.
(6d) Post photo of stuff on Flickr to share with Boomers.
(6e) Take stuff down because you’re sick of looking at it.
(6f) Re-discover stuff 10 months later, when you think “This looks pretty good, after all.”
(6g) Finish item quickly before you change your mind.
(6h) Chat with Boomers.

(7) Procrastinate before photographing item. (Look for the camera that’s buried under the unused stuff.)
(7a) Consult with Beth (fellow Boomer photography expert) for photography tips.
(7b) Ponder tips while unwrapping chocolate bar.
(7c) Look for props that you can use to “frame” item for photo.
(7d) Arrange and re-arrange props.
(7e) Look for more props.
(7f) Chat with Boomers.

(8) Photograph your item.
(8a) Fret about photos.
(8b) Re-photograph.
(8c) Chat with Boomers.

(9) Fret about description.
(9a) Write rough draft of description.
(9b) Wake up in the middle of the night, sweating.
(9c) Write final draft of description.

(10) Dawdle some more.
(10a) Chat with Boomers.

(11) Look up shipping prices.
(11a) Weigh item.
(11b) Look up postage.
(11c) Blink in disbelief.
(11d) Halve postage to ship overseas.
(11e) Commiserate with Boomers about the price of shipping.

(12) Think about pricing.
(12a) Fill out pricing worksheet, then toss.
(12b) Surf Etsy shops for similar items.
(12c) Consult with Boomers.
(12d) Throw dice and announce, “Whatever.”

(13) Have a drink (whatever works for you).
(13a) Chat with Boomers.

(14) List the item.
(14a) Dash to home page of Etsy to watch photo of item display for 15 seconds of fame.
(14b) Dash to shop to see resulting views.
(14c) Dash to promotions forum to consider asking “Why is nobody looking at my stuff?”
(14d) Look at all other posters in forum with same question, and re-consider.
(14e) Fret.
(14f) Dash to BBEST discussion thread for support (with chocolate).
(14g) Refresh your discussion forums screen after each step in every stage because you don’t want to miss anything.

(15) Promote item.
(15a) On BBEST promotions thread.
(15b) In blog, lens, e-mail and/or other Web site.
(15c) At the grocery store, while paying for the bill.
(15d) At the doctor’s office, while paying for the bill.
(15e) At the post office, while buying stamps for packages of unsold items.

(16) Pray for sales (before the pocketbook is emptied).
(16) Re-list when item does not sell.

(17) Chat with Boomers during every stage.
(17a) Go back to 14-17 for as long as it takes!

Originated by Judy Nolan, with contributions by fellow Boomers

Moo and Virii

My Moo cards

Moo cards

I have been busy with various things over the last few days so I thought I’d post a few odd photos I have around.  These are my Moo cards with some of my work on them.  If you haven’t seen Moo cards, they are tiny – about 2 inches by 1 inch, and very sweet!  You can have as many images as you like printed on them and they link to Flickr.    I’ve been involved in a promo swap with various members of the Ecoetsy Street Team that I am on, so I’ve been busy sticking labels on the back with my Etsy shop address.   Being a shy shrinking violet and not used to promoting myself, I also left them around surrepticiously in a few cafes in Pontypridd on Saturday.     Someone has actually organised a sort of Moo card treasure hunt where a box is left in a particular position (in a park or somewhere) and pinpointed on a blog.  You can go and take a few and leave a few of your own for other people to find.  I read about it a few months ago but can’t find the link again.  If I find it I’ll update this post.  It sounds quite fun!  Moo are actually having an Easter egg hunt at the moment with cryptic clues on their blog – the eggs are hidden online and in real life as well.  With real prizes!

Today I’ve been busy trying to sort out a very slippery virus my kids managed to acquire on the laptop.  Not the laptop I use, thankfully.  Despite running AVG and Spybot and AdAware it is still there.  And clearing System Restore in case it was in an old restore point.  All the while the mains lead kept cutting out and running down the battery halfway through running AVG etc…. grr… I’ve handed it back to them to sort out now…  but any ideas would be gratefully received!

Removing backgrounds in Paint Shop Pro

A quick question: does anyone know how to remove backgrounds in Paint Shop Pro? I want to remove the background from photos of various objects (like you get in a sales catalogue) and can’t figure out how to do it. Well, I can sort of do it but PSP doesn’t seem to act consistently… I’m sure it’s because I’m not a competent user!

Instructions for dummies, please!!!

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