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Using Windows Live Writer!

This is a test – I’ve just installed the new (free) Windows Live Writer which is a blogging editor which you do on your computer and then upload to your blog.  I’ve read some good reports about it so I’ll let you know how it goes! 

You can upload photos from it too, apparently, and do stuff with maps and things.  We shall see…

This is Cwm, near Ebbw Vale in the Welsh valleys.  We went there on the bus on Thursday.  It has a factory shopping village on the site of the old Garden Festival (remember them, UK readers?) and this was taken from the edge of it.   

mountains near Ebbw Vale  

Hmm… no thumbnail options…(maybe it will do that automatically)  but I like the drop shadow.  

I love the colours of the mountains.

I like this so far – it lets you view it as you type and also as it will appear on your blog. 

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Light To Unite

Bristol-Myers Squibb – one of the large drug manufacturers with its hand in AIDS treatment medication – is donating $1 to AIDS every time someone goes to their website Light To Unite and moves the match to the candle and lights it.

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Where’s my sidebar!!

Drat! My sidebar seems to have gone to the bottom of the page. And I thought this photo plugin was working… I will need to have a look at the html in the template and see if I can fix it. Bear with me! Anyone know what might be wrong?

UPDATE: Thanks to Marty for her comment that YouTube was the culprit! I fiddled with the dimensions in the html and that has done it, so hurray! I will be able to use YouTube again…

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