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Final discharge post!

This is the fabric I printed before I discharged it:

red purple fabric

I discharged it with the same screen and I like the results, especially the blue coming out – that must have been some turquoise dye that didn’t discharge.

same fabric discharged 

And a detail:


The first layer of the next two fabrics is on this page of my blog and the second layer is here.  I decided that I preferred this green fabric horizontally as I could see sort of leafy/flowery shapes.  So I added a lot of circles and a few swirls here and there and this is the result:

green screen printed fabric

A detail:

detail of green printed fabric

The fabric in the photo below looked much better when I had activated the discharge paste but before I rinsed it.  For some reason, the discharged orange areas just looked like a paler gold but when I rinsed it, they turned a sort of greeny colour.  Maybe this was from the blue underneath that wasn’t showing when the thick discharge paste was on top of it.  Anyway, it’s just an example of the unpredictability of this process!  Or my lack of experience in it…  I quite like the results anyway, even though they aren’t as striking as I thought they would be.  It opens up some lighter areas on to the fabric.

blue and orange fabric

And a detail.  I mostly printed discharge paste with the same screens as I used for the original layers but I also scraped some through a circular stencil in places.

detail of blue orange fabric

Black fabric discharged

Here are a few pics of the black fabric I discharged.

black fabric discharged with screenprinting

When I did the soy wax resist printing in the autumn, I used some to make an interfacing stencil from the instructions in Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan’s book.  For this one, I just dribbed the soy wax on from a tjanting tool.  I didn’t get round to doing any printing with dyes from them so I used this one with the discharge paste.  I really like the effect.   Not sure where this fabric is going next (what’s new?) but it makes some great marks, doesn’t it?

For the next two, I had taken photos, the first of the sun shining on the river and the new bridge in Newport, and I decided to try transferring what was in my mind on to the fabric.  I made a rough sketch and then just played about with masking tape and a few stencils and this was the result:

discharged fabric - view of Newport river

The other photo was of street lamps shining on a night time street, so I did the same sort of thing.  This is a detail of it:

night time scene

This is the whole thing; not sure where it’s going next…

night time scene using black fabric and discharge paste

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