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International Quilt Challenge 2

The deadline for the second piece of work for the International Quilt Challenge is today and I have just written a post on the challenge blog all about it. You can read it here.

wisteria - international quilt challenge

The theme this time was ‘Through the Window’ and as you will see from my blog post, my piece turned out differently from what I was originally planning!

I struggled to find enthusiasm for making it but got into it more and more each day. I definitely need deadlines to get me working!

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International Quilt Challenge

I’m involved in a group called the International Quilt  Challenge where we take turns to set a theme and all have 2 months to make a small piece based on our interpretation of that theme.  The group has a blog where we document the progress of our pieces of work which you can find here , together with links to the blogs or websites of everyone else in the group.

The first theme was Light and Shade and this is the piece I made for it, which I entitled Murder Mystery. 

murder mystery quilt for quilt challenge 

If you visit the blog page you can read about how I came to call it that!

The next theme challenge is Through The Window and there have already been several interesting posts about how we are thinking of interpreting it.

I’m hoping I will get back to blogging (and actually creating!|) soon – it’s been a challenging and stressful few months family wise (though I’m not sure this year is going to be any less stressful with one son doing GSCEs and another his A levels!).

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A quilted headboard

I finally did some stitching last week!  I don’t seem to have done any for ages, apart from mending 🙁

We have a headboard for our bed and over time the padding and foam filling had disintegrated so much that it was hanging by a few tatters of cloth.  So I decided to make a quilted cover instead.

A few years ago I made a very simple quilt top from a pack of 4” squares I’d bought at a show somewhere.   They were obviously a sort of rainbow pack!   It was a square, but a couple of rows of unpicking and restitching made them into the perfect shape for my headboard. 

This is the result – definitely bright and cheerful! 

quilted headboard

I quilted the top with very free machine spirally sort of shapes and backed it with some ready quilted fabric that I had on my shelves.

quilted headboard

Here it is on our bed.  (It wasn’t really night, the sun was shining through the windows so I had to use fill in flash!).

quilted headboard

My quilting is definitely a bit rusty but it felt good to be ‘drawing’ spirals with the machine again! 

Meanwhile, we are in the grip of a big freeze.  Not thick snow like the north of the country, but the wisteria has a white covering now:

frosty wisteria

tangle of frosty wisteria

When I ventured into the garden I took a few photos as well.

frosty leaves

Last night it was very foggy and on my walk I took a few experimental photos on my new Blackberry.  The camera on it seems a bit hit and miss but I am pleased with the way this one turned out!

night trees in fog

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October Reeds

Oops, I took these pictures a few weeks ago and forgot to post them!

October reeds

Very similar to September really.  I will do a collage in Picasa at the end of the year to see how they develop through the months.

October reeds

October reeds

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