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Some impact!

I had a bit of a sort out. I put lots of things away and the floor is now reasonably clear. I also had a go at organising my cotton fabrics into colours. Last year I read some of Joen Wolfrom’s The Visual Dance and I tried sorting out the fabrics into shades, tints, hues and whatever the other one was… But this just served to thoroughly confuse me so now I have them all back into colours again. Here they are on the floor round the colour wheel.

colour wheel in the middle of the floor surrounded by piles of appropriately coloured fabrics

Now they are all stowed neatly away on the shelf in their little baskets. Sometime when I feel like doing it, I will take each one and sort them into values within the colours. I think sometimes that I prefer sorting out fabrics to actually doing anything with them…

Untidy studios

What is it about this time of year that seems to breed untidy studios? Mine definitely needs a good tidy up. Look at it last year. And now. It’s going to take a good reorganisation to get this sorted out.

lots of junk on brown table

Most of this on the table should be put away somewhere.

untidy floor and shelves

The floor is gradually disappearing again…

Nice little storage baskets

blue basket with lots of fabric bits and pieces in it

On Wednesday I went all round town looking for nice clear boxes to store my fabrics in, sorted by colour (to replace the shoe boxes they are currently in). I couldn’t find anything the right size and they were very expensive – about £5 a box. But then I went into a local poundshop and found these at £1 each – just the right size. So I bought 12 of them and seem to have cleaned them out because I went in for a few more to replace the other shoeboxes in my studio (a great user of shoeboxes I am – the kids’ feet grow too fast). But they didn’t have any more… In this one are the various painted and melted bits and pieces left over from this week’s Elements class.



tidy studio

Notice, in particular, the nice clean carpet (well, apart from the iron-shaped melted bit – not in this picture). This floor hasn’t looked like this since it was the kids’ bedroom two years ago!< /p>


Even here!

lots of shelves of fabric

I’ve now put labels on all the boxes so I know what is in them!

(The cardboard box in the foreground, by the way, is my bin – I must get a more tasteful one now the room’s tidy).


Tidy Studio!

tidy sewing machine table and corner of roomNice, tidy sewing room (well, mostly – some fine tuning to be done still…).


Tidy Studio!

Phew! I’m shattered! I’ve spent most of the day cleaning my studio (I can finally call it a studio now it’s clean!). I cleared everything off the floor and hoovered it. When I’ve found something to put the organised piles of painted papers in and tidied those away on the shelves I’ll take a photo to remind me of what it can be and shame me into keeping it that way (oh yeah? she says). I suddenly realised that the Elements in Fabric course starts on Saturday so I had better get on with it before I start pulling more fabrics off the shelves for that. But it’s a good feeling that it is so neat and tidy.

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