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Studio reorganisation

In my head, anyway….

I spent a long time this morning looking at the Fiberarts Magazine studio competition photos – PamDora is a finalist in the Best Stash section.  Then I thought about what my studio looks like…

Unfortunately, the work table (where I do my designing and cutting etc) looks like this at the moment:

table covered in damp newspaper

It has been raining for about 5 days solidly and we have a leaky wall above it (or a leak in the roof of the bay window).  The wall on that side faces west where the prevailing winds come from, and when they blow strongly the wet comes through.  It needs a special waterproofing paint on there about every 8 years – unfortunately we can’t do this now till the summer and it all dries out.  Hopefully.  Meanwhile, this is my work area:

pink carpet with melted iron shape on it

A pink bedroom carpet (it used to be a bedroom).  And yes, that is a melted iron shape on it.  Needs hoovering too….

I stress about my studio about once a year, when everyone else is making goals for the coming year and assessing what they did in the previous one:

This morning, I sat down and sorted out what uses I made of my studio, and the various areas I need in it…

Storage areas:

  • Fabric, papers, threads, beads, etc etc
  • Equipment
  • Paints etc
  • Works in progress
  • Notebooks, inspiration sources etc
  • Completed quilts etc

Work areas:

  • Sewing area
  • Pressing area
  • Designing/cutting area
  • Wet area (at the moment this is either the kitchen or the floor!)

Admin areas:

  • Framing and finishing
  • Catalogues, invoices and other stuff
  • Information, entries to competitions
  • And all the stuff on my computer!

I’m glad I’ve sorted all that out because at the moment all the areas are too mixed up and some things just don’t have anywhere to live…I’ve got quite a big room (about 15 foot square) but I need to work out how to make it work.  And I need a design wall.  Or something.  At the moment it is a floor!  Still – just shows you can do anything anywhere…

Still a way to go yet though…

PS.  I really like Live Writer!

Some impact!

I had a bit of a sort out. I put lots of things away and the floor is now reasonably clear. I also had a go at organising my cotton fabrics into colours. Last year I read some of Joen Wolfrom’s The Visual Dance and I tried sorting out the fabrics into shades, tints, hues and whatever the other one was… But this just served to thoroughly confuse me so now I have them all back into colours again. Here they are on the floor round the colour wheel.

colour wheel in the middle of the floor surrounded by piles of appropriately coloured fabrics

Now they are all stowed neatly away on the shelf in their little baskets. Sometime when I feel like doing it, I will take each one and sort them into values within the colours. I think sometimes that I prefer sorting out fabrics to actually doing anything with them…

Untidy studios

What is it about this time of year that seems to breed untidy studios? Mine definitely needs a good tidy up. Look at it last year. And now. It’s going to take a good reorganisation to get this sorted out.

lots of junk on brown table

Most of this on the table should be put away somewhere.

untidy floor and shelves

The floor is gradually disappearing again…

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