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Embroidery in World War 2

Lynn Openshaw asks for help with her textile student research. She writes:

I am a textile student researching the use of embroidery in WW2 – especially for occupational therapy purposes in hospitals, convalescence homes and POW camps. If any of your blog readers have any reminiscences or piccies which would help my research, please let me know!

If anyone can help Lynn, please email her.

Another Woollen Mill

While we were in North Wales, we went to a second woollen mill, called Brynkir, just north of Porthmadog. 

Brynkir woollen mill 

It had a water wheel to power the machines:

water wheel at Brynkir woollen mill

Here are some of the machines we saw. 

A bobbin winder:

bobbin winder

A machine to wind the wool into skeins for dyeing:

skein winder

And lots of looms:

looms in woollen mill

As usual, it had a factory shop where I bought some yummy tweed fabric…and a poster with pictures of British sheep. Talking of sheep, look at these two, perched on an outcrop of rock up near the summit of Snowdon:

sheep on Snowdon

I will have to consult my poster to see what type these are, but as I’m typing this on holiday in a gite in Normandy, I can’t do it at present….  by the time you read this, I’ll be back.  These holidays are useful for catching up on blog posts but not for publishing them.

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