Landscape Postcards – the inspiration!

I said a few posts ago that I would tell how I made the landscape postcards, some of which I have sent out to people on a group I am in.

The inspiration mostly came from a train journey I took between Gloucester and Newport several months ago. The railway line goes along the valley of the River Severn and the horizontal lines of the landscape struck me. I took several videos with my camera as I went along and here is one of them:

The video isn’t very good but to get it best for YouTube you have to alter the format and I didn’t know how to do this so I thought it would give you the general idea anyway…

When I thought about making them, I decided to layer lots of different colours of the green dyed fabric I dyed in September, stitch the lines of the hedges and field lines roughly and cut back. I observed that the closer ones were the darker, clearer colours and the furthest away were lighter, greyer, fuzzier. I drew some rough sketches to guide me. Here are a couple of them:

sketch of landscape

sketch of landscape

I then layered the green fabrics in rough order of cutting, with some sheers as well to add interest and light reflections – in one of them there is water – and sewed the lines with my feeddogs down. Then cut back layers roughly, not always neatly along the stitching lines to add the impression of shadows and uneven hedges. You can see that in the following picture:

fabric postcard of landscape

I used blue sheer fabric in this one. When I had cut them back to my satisfaction, I free machined trees on some of them:

fabric postcard of landscape
(This is the one represented by the first sketch above).

I then trimmed the sides to postcard size and, before finishing off the postcards, I was very efficient and scanned them all! I then printed off some of the scans on our laser printer and stuck in samples of the fabrics I used, in case I decide to use these as samples for a bigger series.

Here is another photo at this stage:

fabric postcard of landscape

Then I zigzagged around some and others I just framed with straight stitch:

fabric postcard of landscape

fabric postcard of landscape

fabric postcard of landscape

When I had cut away the fabric to reveal the layers underneath, I had lots of cut fabric in the shapes of the fields and hills, so I decided to use these to make more postcards! I used some of my painted papers as a background and sewed them on. Here is one of them:

fabric postcard of landscape

I also decided to fuse some, and I had some fabric which I had already bonded some fusible web to, so I used that…. here is an example of that!

fabric postcard of landscape

So there you are – how I started making a few postcards and ended up getting carried away as usual!!


  1. love the story of how you made them Liz and I love mine thank you:)
    amber in scotland

  2. Well getting carried away is the essence of art. Your postcards are beautiful.

  3. Thanks Liz. That’s the best thing I have looked at on the web for a long time. I loved that little clip and I can understand how it inspired you to do such great cards. Did you use a digital camera with video facility or is a proper video camera?

  4. I love these Liz and love the way you have shown the progression.

  5. Love the video showing the inspiration behind the postcards Liz, and proud to own one

  6. Very interesting progression. I would like to try this, if you don’t mind

  7. I feel very privileged indeed to have one of these works of art of my very own! Lovely to have the background explained, Liz – thank you.

    Great idea with the youtube. Something else to try!

  8. I just love your postcards! I enjoyed reading about how you made them and the inspiration behind them.

  9. Hi Liz,
    Found your site via the textile network and just love your landscapes. I have been drawn to landscape work for some time and I am only just beginning to disvover a way of working.
    I have to say that you are managing to do things with print that I am struggling to do with felt but I will get there in the end, I hope.
    I love the way I feel that some of your layers remind me of reflections in water, I don’t know whether that’s what you intended but that’s how they appear to me. They look wonderfully simple and yet I bet the fabric and colours took ages to get just right. I am going to add some of my landscapes soon to my blog I hope that they look as good as yours. Inspirational. Thanks Tricia

  10. Wow, you’ve been blogging a long time! I love this series.

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