12 things x 12… a bit late!

I got so inspired seeing all the Facebook pictures of 12 things to celebrate the 12th of the 12th 2012 yesterday that I decided to do my own … pity I was a day late but never mind!  I had so much fun finding groups of 12s in my studio and rediscovering a lot of nice arty things I’d almost forgotten I had, that I went mad and did more than 12 so you’ll be seeing some of them here in the future… 

12 black pens

1.  12 black pens for making gocco/thermofax masters for screens with.

12 inks

2.  12 inks.

12 beads

3.  12 round beads.

12 handmade beads

4.  12 hand made beads.

12 buttons

5.  12 brown buttons.

12 reels of vintage thread

6.  12 reels of vintage Sylko thread.

12 thread labels

7.  12 thread labels.

12 glass pins

8.  12 glass headed pins.

12 stamps made from fun foam

9.  12 stamps made from fun foam stuck on card.

12 carved stamps from erasers 

10.  12 stamps carved from erasers or that pink rubbery stuff.

12 print gocco ink tubes

11.  12 Print Gocco ink tubes.

12 wooden printing blocks.

12.  12 wooden printing blocks.

Sunday Afternoon Walk

a quiet walk
sounds and smells …
someone whistling loudly and tunelessly up the lane

at a party in one of the gardens I passed; the sound of children playing, people talking,
the smell of apple crumble wafting as I walked past another house
the sun comes out
my sandals stop hurting my feet
I relax

Llanthewy Road, Newport

View from the Handpost…

top in Handpost shop window

I like this top in a shop window…

Looking back towards the Handpost

The road becomes noisier with more traffic…

houses at top of Stow Park Avenue

I love these houses….

Bellevue Park gate

The entrance to my destination….

bellevue festival

A chance glance at Shepherds Moon’s Facebook Page told me of Art in the Park this afternoon…

art in the park

A fun hour spent chatting to stallholders, drinking tea and looking at wares….

York Place

Then I set off back home; my feet decided these sandals aren’t so good after all….

Festival of Quilts

I am starting to write this on the train home from FOQ on Saturday evening (using Evernote again).  I only managed to make one day this year because DS2 was expecting his A level results on Thursday (he got a disgustingly high number of A*s and a place at Cambridge!)

My favourite exhibit this year was the European Art Quilt Foundation’s, closely followed by Cas Holmes.  Els van Baarle had a quilt inspired by a map which was striking in its simplicity.  I especially noticed that there seemed to be lots of chiffon this year, floating whenever the breeze caught it, and casting evocative shadows on the walls behind.

I didn’t seem to spend so long watching the demos in the virtual studio this year; maybe this is a good sign that I’m focussing less on technique and more on strength of design… they had changed the layout of the show this year and it took a while to actually find it!

I stocked up on thread and replaced my old clapped out rotary cutter and buckled cutting mat, and got some woolly nylon thread useful for winding in the bobbin when stitching hems with a double needle on stretchy fabric.  Yes, I am enhancing my wardrobe with a comfy Vogue dress designed by Sandra Betzina.  One of my latest purchases is an ex-library book from the San Diego County Library via ABE books, Power Sewing by Sandra herself.  It looks really easy and practical to follow so I’ll let you know how I get on.  I used to do a lot of dressmaking but am hopeless at altering patterns so if a pattern doesn’t fit perfectly, unless it is really stretchy like this dress, I often end up making stuff and not wearing it.  Anyway, this is the dress – it just needs hemming but I needed some woolly nylon thread to use in the bobbin because the pattern calls for a double needle stitched hem.

vogue dress

I also met Mags Ramsay at the show, who was manning the SAQA Masters 2 exhibit and had a lovely chat: one of the best things about FOQ, I find, is the random conversations with strangers and fellow bloggers alike. 

river severn in gloucestershire

The train journey home was very picturesque – the train line runs along the River Severn from Gloucester to Chepstow.  Especially when the sun is setting…

A walk in the park

I’m trying to get into blogging again and am experimenting with using Evernote – I take photos on my phone, send them to Evernote which synchs them with my laptop, already resized.  I then write the blog post copying and pasting my photos from Evernote, rather than having to download all the photos from my phone to my computer.  We shall see if it works!

high water in river usk

I went for a walk this morning.  The sun has finally come out and maybe this means summer has eventually arrived.  The tide was very high – walking along by the River Usk here you can usually see mostly mudflats with a little bit of muddy water in the bottom but today it looks like a ‘proper’ river.

shaftesbury park long shadows

This is Shaftesbury Park – with all the rain we had in June and July the grass is very green!

reeds along river

This is the park where I did my year’s observation of the reedbeds to see how they changed month after month.  At the moment they are very green, with the new leaves coming up and before they flower or end up looking golden and dry.


The pathway ….

cloud looking like a duck!

I thought this solitary cloud looks a bit like a flying duck!

row of poplars

The rows of poplar trees from another angle.  The houses in the background are on the other side of the river.

newport street art

On my way home I came across this colourful street art in Wheeler Street.  It has some of Newport’s bridges on there.

notice outside derelict Sainsburys

Past the old derelict Sainsburys supermarket building.  It’s all boarded up now and they have put this sign up.  It’s such a pity they can’t open up the site as a public open space until it is developed into something else.  I get the feeling that that notice is just an inventive way to deter intruders….

wild flowers on central reservation of dual carriageway

This summer the council have planted wild flowers on all the central reservations and roundabouts – they look lovely – the photo doesn’t show it very well, but there are blue and orange ones in there as well.  What a great way to attract bees and birds!  I think they are a lot nicer than the regimented rows of bedding plants that are usually there.  Maybe more subtle and less showy…

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