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blue gelli plate print
yellow and red gelli plate print

black and red printed train ticket
blue and orange printed train ticket with distressed effect

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lucy looking in through the kitchen window

If you read this blog regularly you’ll know that four years ago  I got three hens.  Here they are: I think they had just started laying  around the time I took this picture of them perching on this old tyre.

Our three hens, a bovans nera, amber star and ranger
All three hens, shortly after they arrived to live with us

As soon as they arrived, one of them immediately established herself as top hen and the most sociable of the three.  This is Lucy, an amber star (the white one).

Lucy wandering round the garden
Lucy wandering round the garden

She was cheeky and inquisitive and soon found her way into our affections.  She was never a very good egg layer but made up for it in friendliness and personality.  Sadly, Peggy (the little brown hen) died about a year ago but Prudence and Lucy carried on until a couple of weeks ago, when Lucy got ill and died.  She was a good age – 4 .5 years is pretty old for hybrids who are bred to produce eggs and not for longevity and I think they had a nice life pottering round the garden and giving us eggs.

lucy looking in through the kitchen window
Lucy looking in through the kitchen window

While I was painting the wood slices, I decided to paint one as a tribute to Lucy.  I showed a photo of it to my eldest son who is in Australia on an extended backpacking trip and he asked if he could have it – until he realised that there’s no way a slice of wood would get through Australian customs.  So I scanned it and Orlistat 60 mg kaufen schweiz and arranged to have it sent to him as an art print. I was so touched that he wanted it, and I was going to finish it up and add more details but he said, no, I like the unfinished look to it…  While I was on Redbubble, I resurrected my shop there so this painting is available to buy there  now, as art prints or even as a cushion or a mug!


Prednisone over the counter substitute

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been joining in an art making challenge called the Make Art That Sells: Assignment Bootcamp 2015.

It is run by Lilla Rogers, a prominent art licensing agent in the US, in conjunction with the various courses she runs.  I took it to help me get used to making art on different themes aimed at particular product markets, and I’ve been enjoying it tremendously, even though it is pushing me out of my comfort zone.  The way it works is that Lilla gives participants a mini  task on the first Monday of the month, which usually involves sketching or painting on a particular subject. Then the second Monday of the month we are given an assignment, with 2 weeks to complete it, based on the mini but for a specific market or product.  If you would like to see some of the artwork which has been produced so far – here is a page with a  link to the galleries.

In January the theme was Edwardian brooches, and the final assignment was to design a journal cover with that theme.  I started playing with handmade stamps first because I like the rough, abstract feel.   I used some of these in the background or for texture (and they also found their way into my train ticket art!).

stamped circles and flowers
My thought immediately turned towards interpreting it in the form of stamps


Then I started sketching and eventually I scanned in the sketches, vectorized them, printed them out and painted them in different colour schemes.  Here are the two designs I came up with in the end, mocked up as journals.

pink frog journal
I call this my frog journal though it has a lot more than frogs on it!


This is the one I eventually uploaded, I quite like the ‘scary creatures’ sort of take on it though maybe a darker background would suit them better!

This is a very different style of journal; I was thinking lace and delicate tracery
This is a very different style of journal; I was thinking lace and delicate tracery


I like the delicate lace designs on this one but I think the colours pop more in the first.

For February the mini task  was to paint or draw scenes inspired by imagery seen on vintage plates.  This is one of mine – as you can see I’m not very good at painting people!

A rough painting of a cottage in the style of vintage crockery
A rough painting of a cottage in the style of vintage crockery


The following week the assignment was to paint these scenes on circular pieces of wood!    I discovered that wood slices (with bark still attached) seem to be fashionable at the moment for wedding table settings so I bought a pack of 20 and have been busy painting scenes and pictures on them!  We only have to do one so it means I have plenty to spoil along the way!

lines of wood slices painted with gesso
Here they all are, painted with black, white and some clear gesso all ready for decorating!


I prepared the surface and then got going!  Here are a few of them in progress – I eventually uploaded the two boat scenes to the gallery.

painting on wood slices
I went a bit wild – well, I did have 20 to practise on! Here are some of the results…


I really enjoyed February’s challenge – I liked the broad nature of the theme and, as you will see if you look at the gallery, people interpreted it in very different ways and styles.   It reminds me a bit of the sort of designs I used to make in fabric with my Rainy Streets series of postcards and my print gocco notebooks.

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train tickets all laid out ready for coating with gesso

If you follow me on Finasteride generic cost you might have seen me posting slightly curious photos of what I was doing last week.

A few years ago, I started collecting train tickets rather than throwing them away after journeys, because it occurred to me that they were the perfect size for little pieces of art or personalized labels/tags or business cards.  In the UK they are just a bit smaller than ATCs (Artists’ Trading Cards), and have nicely rounded edges.  Also, whenever you go on one train journey you seem to acquire about 8 of these, particularly as it often works out cheaper to split the journey into two rather than buying one for the whole way (even if you stay on the same train for the whole journey) – daft, I know!

I’ve been randomly experimenting with them over the years, painting over some of them with black or white gesso to cover them, but last week I realised that I have several hundred of them now so decided to do it systematically.  It was also fun to look back over where I had been and recall nice memories of days out.

I laid down some textured wallpaper (which has now been randomly decorated in a pastel coloured rectangular grid!) and here is the first lot of tickets.

This is a mixture of white gesso and opaque white screenprinting ink which was getting a bit thick and needed to be used up.

I painted the first side and left it to dry.  I got bored with white after a while and mixed some Dr PH Martin inks into it to have a bit of variety.

Once dry, I flipped them over and repeated the process.  The whole thing took me most of last week but it was quite a meditative process and now I have a box of ready made artist cards.  Now, the thing is, I’ve been feeling that I need to do a bit of art or sketching every day to keep my arty mojo going …

So…. I’m going to set myself an Art Challenge: to paint or draw on one each day … at least until Christmas.  I’m not going to labour over them or take a great deal of time, just have fun and splash paint or mess around with a pen and a doodle, and I’ll post them on Instagram using the hashtag #trainticketart .  If you would like to join me, I’d love the company!  Let’s see how much #trainticketart we can produce! Just leave a comment here,  post pics on Instagram or Twitter or on your blog and if it takes off I’ll start a shared Pinterest board to pin them all.  Let’s see if we can create a buzz!!

Here are a few examples of the cards I’ve already experimented with:

Hope to see you on the journey!!