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Art Plus Family History

Before the new year, I participated in a couple of online courses about blogging, and one thing that I seemed to take away from both of them was the fact that it’s okay to incorporate lots of things about your life into your blog, and that you don’t have to stick to one topic.  Then today, just as I was feeling guilty about not posting here for a couple of weeks,  I read Abby Glassenberg’s post on her blog entitled ‘How to keep blogging when you don’t really feel like it’.  One of the things she said was

“Or maybe you were only going to blog about polymer clay, but you’re also passionate about science fiction and find yourself wishing you could write about that as well? Just do it.”

Basically she said, go ahead, write about whatever you want to….

You may know that as well as art, I am keen on family history and have a genealogy blog as well as this one.  Recently I’ve been struggling to keep up both of them, so I’ve decided to incorporate the family history into this blog – after all, it’s about my life and background as well as my art.  It’s all story and narrative and I hope you find it interesting.  My aim is to build up a picture of some of my ancestors from what I know about them in the records so I’ll start by reworking some of my earlier genealogy blog posts  so that it makes sense in the context of this blog.

Meanwhile, in art news … I’ve been busy stitching together rows of train tickets and it’s looking pretty good!  We are hanging the exhibition on Wednesday – lots of shinning up ladders and getting tangled up in fishing wire I expect… The exhibition itself starts on 8 April when the Riverfront arts centre is opening after the Easter weekend and we are holding a Meet the Artists event from 2pm to 4pm on the following Saturday 11 April – if you are in the area, you are welcome to come along.  If you leave a comment that you’re hoping to come, I’ll look out for you.

Here are some of the rows of train tickets all stitched together, a sneak preview!

Here are some of the rows of train tickets all stitched together, a sneak preview!

Here is the poster about the exhibition; more information is on the Diverse Manners Facebook page.  Hope to see some of you there!

poster showing Beneath the Surface Exhibition, the Riverfront Arts Centre, Newport starting on 8 April.

Beneath the Surface Exhibition, the Riverfront Arts Centre, Newport starting on 8 April.

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Follow me on Feedly

Just after I wrote yesterday’s blog post, I read an update from Feedly about how they had altered their service to provide a seamless transition from Google Reader. They now have a button for bloggers to put on their blogs to help people to subscribe via Feedly so if you would like to do this I have added one to the sidebar underneath my email subscription form.

It is over on the right >>>>>> or this one here will work too:
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Hello to the world of blogging!

Well, I’ve finally done it – so many months of enjoying everyone else’s blogs. Now I’m going to join in the fun!

I plan to talk mainly about fabric and fibre art and related topics, such as which textile museums to drag one’s complaining spouse and kids to in the holidays. Though I enjoy reading about the details of people’s lives so that sort of thing will no doubt creep into mine too.

I love spirals. I doodle them everywhere. I called this blog after my wallhanging which I made for the City and Guilds patchwork and quilting course I just finished. It is based on the wrought iron gates at our local stately home, Tredegar House.

UPDATE for new readers:

The early blog posts are rather fractured.  This is because back in 2005 when I started the blog, I used Hello, a photo posting app linked to Picasa, to upload the photos because that was to easiest way to do it in Blogger  back then, so it resulted in a lot of one-photo blog posts.  Rather than making them all into one large post and losing the permalinks for the originals, I have left them as they are.  After that first year I moved to self-hosted WordPress which I have used ever since.


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