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Follow me on Feedly

Just after I wrote yesterday’s blog post, I read an update from Feedly about how they had altered their service to provide a seamless transition from Google Reader. They now have a button for bloggers to put on their blogs to help people to subscribe via Feedly so if you would like to do this I have added one to the sidebar underneath my email subscription form.

It is over on the right >>>>>> or this one here will work too:
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Hello to the world of blogging!

Well, I’ve finally done it – so many months of enjoying everyone else’s blogs. Now I’m going to join in the fun!

I plan to talk mainly about fabric and fibre art and related topics, such as which textile museums to drag one’s complaining spouse and kids to in the holidays. Though I enjoy reading about the details of people’s lives so that sort of thing will no doubt creep into mine too.

I love spirals. I doodle them everywhere. I called this blog after my wallhanging which I made for the City and Guilds patchwork and quilting course I just finished. It is based on the wrought iron gates at our local stately home, Tredegar House.

UPDATE for new readers:

The early blog posts are rather fractured.  This is because back in 2005 when I started the blog, I used Hello, a photo posting app linked to Picasa, to upload the photos because that was to easiest way to do it in Blogger  back then, so it resulted in a lot of one-photo blog posts.  Rather than making them all into one large post and losing the permalinks for the originals, I have left them as they are.  After that first year I moved to self-hosted WordPress which I have used ever since.


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