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Collages continued

I layered the collages a bit more yesterday – I worked fairly quickly and improvisationally because I was sitting there umming and ahhing and not actually glueing anything down so I decided just to get on with it and then see what I thought of them!

Here’s the blue one – I wanted to do something with leaves as I am so drawn to them at the moment.

collage with leaves

I may add more or do something else to this one.  Not sure yet.

This is the one with the brown background.  I like this better in the photo than I did yesterday looking at the original!

brown collage

This is as far as I have got with the green one but it isn’t finished yet…

green and yellow collage

I also made another background.  This uses some of the mulberry paper as well.

another collage

In the latest studio reorganisation I turned my table 90 degrees and put all the paints and related stuff into an old vegetable rack.   I like this.

cluttered table and paint rack

You can see how much clutter there is on the ‘collage table’ at the moment!  Plenty of stuff to keep me going for a while!

And of course moving the paints left some shelves free for my ‘inspiration’ files and notebooks…

shelves in studio

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Collage Backgrounds

I have got as far as the collage backgrounds with the tissue paper… I tore up various tissue paper colours and glued them with gel medium on to art boards.  Now I am going to watch the DVD again and add stuff (textured paper and found objects or whatever feels right to me) to the top once I have had a good look at them to determine where I want to go with them.  What Carrie Burns Brown calls ‘happenings’.

Here is another Picasa collage of the collages. 

collage of tissue collages

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Painting on tissue

Here is a collage of some of the tissue paper I have been painting.   (I did this in Picasa, not in cutting and pasting real paper!    Not yet, anyway.)

collage of painted tissue

This is a photo of some corrogated card which I painted.  It looks like a Picasa collage on its own!

painted corrugated card

And, a bit late, here is the best rusted piece from the baking tray which was up in the loft catching the drips.  It is ironic, really, because it is a practice piece on which I was trying to transfer a picture printed on Lasertran (not very successfully).. but I think it looks like one of those old medieval maps.  Pity I could never repeat it if I tried! 

rusted fabric which looks like a map

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Unusual artwork

I read today in the local newspaper about an artist in Newcastle who had decided to make an artwork from all her junkmail. She has a spike outside her front door on which she piles it all! Apparently she started it on January 1st and it is now more than 5 feet high! Although I think if I took all my family’s junk mail, plus the catalogues I get sent from every company I have ever ordered anything – I especially hate the one which sends me stuff every month or so when I ordered something ONCE for my mum a few years ago – it would be quite a bit higher than that. I wonder if she is going to present it to the Post Office when she has finished?!

I bought a DVD by Carrie Burns Brown last week on Watermedia collage and have so far watched it about 3 times. And have been painting lots of tissue paper and other textured paper to make some collages…. I took loads of photos this afternoon so I will put some of them on the blog as soon as I have uploaded them to my computer. I think I have come to the conclusion that painting and glueing gets me creating much faster than sewing does. At least this year. And dyeing and surface design…. I have also been reading my copy of Jane Dunnewold’s book, Improvisational Screen Printing, and I want to try her interfacing stencils so hopefully lots of photos of that will be forthcoming! Children and other activities permitting….

I haven’t been getting many comments recently so I think I will go back to my old system of emailing commentators directly rather than on the blog. But I will leave the subscription plugin so you still have the option of getting further comments on a particular post.

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