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A little bit of painting

On Wednesday I did a bit of painting. 

First, I decided to try and get the feel of trees by painting some canvas board and putting clingfilm on, pulling it vaguely into the shape of tree branches.  I used a mixture of acrylics and watercolours on acrylic canvas.

Here it is drying:

browny reddy yellowy painted board with clingfilm on top

I didn’t realise that red was as red as it was, if you see what I mean, but hey, artistic license!

This is it now it is dried and I’ve taken the clingfilm off.  I think this is the best way up for the trees.  I will add some paint and crayon to it, I think, to make the trees stand out but I think you can see vague outlines.

painted canvas board


I had some paint to use up then, so I decided to do the same thing with some lutradur.  Instead of putting the clingfilm on top of it, I put it underneath it and weighted it down so the clingfilm would stay put.  This was because the paint tended to soak through and collect underneath. 

Here it is, before I covered it:

reddy blacky yellowy painted lutradur

And here is the result:

 lutradur painted red

 I don’t think the clingfilm made much difference here…  (the colours are more true on the bottom photo).

 I also then painted some more lutradur with blues and greens.  I dribbled a lot of water on it and in places this is leeching the paint away on to the drop cloth. 

blue green lutradur

In this photo you can just see the book I was using for guidance – Mary Todd Beam’s Celebrate Your Creative Self.  I love this book.

Here is the blue piece when it dried:

blue-green lutradur

The colour is a BIT stronger than this photo shows but not much.  As you can see, the area where I dripped the most water on it has lost most of its paint. 

All in all, a fun exercise!!

Playing with a celtic design

Sorry for the dearth of posts this week (seems to be a constant refrain this year – I hope next year is better!) but I’ve been down with a lurgy; DS2 is off school with it now too. Also, ever since I got my tooth root filled and crowned I’ve been grinding and gnashing my teeth in the night for some reason, and my shoulders, jawbone and teeth really ache, so I’m off to the dentist on Monday to find out if there’s anything that can be done about it. I hope so, because it is really getting me down. Anyone had this problem and found a solution?

In the summer I bought this box of celtic rubber stamps:


I haven’t played with them yet, but last week, not feeling like doing anything much, I painted the lid with a brush filled with a cartridge of silver ink. It’s just the sort of thing I like doing then – mindless but sort of meditative. I decided to take photos as I went along so I could see the construction of the celtic knotwork better:


Hope I’ve got all these photos the right way round! It was incredibly difficult to tell!


This shows the first loop completed:

Start of the second loop:


And the second loop completed:

Third and final loop:


And finished!!

More Marbling photos

Here are some of the other marbled fabrics which I made last week.

marbled fabric

marbled fabric
This is the same size as the others but I turned it round vertically in the photo software because I thought the lines looked better that way. I love the delicate patterning.

marbled fabric

marbled fabric
Spider’s webs…

marbled fabric
Another spiral, this time with just two colours.

marbled fabric

marbled fabric

I also did a few on already-dyed fabric, which came out well.

Bits and Pieces but mainly marbling!

Look what I bought for half price last week! This is for doing some natural dyeing in – stainless steel so it doesn’t affect the colour and I can keep it just for that.

bright shiny stainless steel stockpot

Remember I won second prize for my Transporter Bridge postcard in the Newport in Bloom art competition? Last Friday, they had an award ceremony and I got this certificate and the little shield and a cheque for £20!!

shield and certificate

Yesterday and today I did some marbling with the marbling paints I bought from the creative papercrafts man at Marlborough. Here are some of yesterday’s efforts:

marbled fabrics

marbled fabrics

This is a detail of the above. I did this on calico, which took the paints really well.

detail of marbled fabrics

marbled fabrics

Here are today’s fabrics busy drying. They are just a bit bigger than A4 size – I did the marbling in a large cat litter tray!

marbled fabrics drying on floor

Before you ask, no I don’t have any immediate plans for using these! I seem to be going through a ‘playing’ phase at the moment. I read a brilliant post today at Gabrielle Swain’s blog, Handmaiden, about designing and working in series. I want to get a series going so that I can develop my art and work with an idea to its maximum, but none of the themes I have used so far really grab me. Can anyone see an emergent style or series in any of my work which maybe I haven’t spotted?! Apart from the postcard series…

Painting fabric!

I painted some fabric on Monday! Yay hay! The first thing textiley I have done for months…or so it seems. But I only ironed it today because on Monday night I started to go down with this horrible fluey cold and could barely drag myself out of bed Tuesday and Wednesday. Just gunky today though.

Anyway, I took a photo of it hanging on the line before the dreaded lurgy started.

But first I was distracted by Cobweb, looking chocolate-boxey lying on the roof of what used to be a shelter for the kids bikes. (Now they just clutter up the garage…).

grey and white cat lying on planks of wood

Here are the fabrics. I used acrylic paints and just some scraps of polycotton I have around. I thought if it was going to make it stiff, I might as well use up the polycotton rather than cotton. The only problem is, I won’t be able to overdye it or screen print it with procion dyes. But I can use it for the backs of postcards or as it is. I just like sploshing the paint on! Though I won’t get this cheap Dali acrylic paint from The Works again. The yellow stuff was all stiff and grainy. I had to throw it out. Ik. I will stick to Golden in future, even though I have to go to Cardiff to get it!

painted fabric on the line

It is a deeper colour than the photos suggest.

Here are a couple of detailed photos from when I was ironing them. Again, the colours are deeper than they look here. In the sparkly one, I mixed some irridescent Golden medium in with the coloured stuff.

painted fabric detail

painted fabric detail.

Ferns and more painting results

It’s too hot to blog today really but I must, I must!! And Zachary is practising his violin in the background and the other two are fighting so I wish I could just run away and hide with my fingers over my ears but I will press on in the interests of technology… or something!

Gill of An Elegant Sufficiency posted a gorgeous picture she took on holiday in Italy of a tiny fern growing in a wallminiscule fern growing in red brick garden wall

Here are the other two pieces I painted following the Personal Symbols lesson 5:

collage with zigzags painted in white fabric paint
This is the collage piece which I overpainted with white zigzags.

collage with zigzags painted in colours and decorated with doodles
Here’s the finished article. I outlined the zigzags in black and painted doodles inside them with silver paint. I then outlined some of them with the same 3d paint as I used on the other piece. I also highlighted some of the shapes in the background with it. I think I like it this way up best – what do you think?

detail of above
Here is a detail.

white teardrops painted on green/blue background fabric
Here is the other piece as it was when I posted the picture a week or so ago.

above with teardrops painted in colours
Here it is with coloured teardrops instead of white.

above with teardrops outlined in black
Teardrops outlined in black.

After this I again did doodles in the teardrops with the silver paint and dots in the background but I decided that I didn’t like the background colour, so I overpainted it with very dilute yellow fabric paint. Interestingly, it hasn’t affected the colours of the teardrops much, which is just as well because they probably would have ended up brown!

above overpainted with yellow paint and with teardrops decorated with doodles in silver paint
Here is the result of that little experiment. I like it much better. The colour is deeper than shown here, too.

detail of above
Here is a detail of the above fabric.

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