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Tutorial on making a stencil for screenprinting

I found a great tutorial on screenprinting with paper stencils – I did this at college a few years ago when I screenprinted my Dennis the Menace window blind for City & Guilds, for my son Barnabas. Here it is:

Window blind showing mischievous boy and fierce dogs all round

I used newspaper to make the stencils for this because the image was so huge but I notice she uses freezer paper, which would be more durable. She has also posted a tutorial on using a Thermofax machine for those of you lucky US readers who can get them fairly readily! I have found a couple of people who sell either custom-made or ready-prepared Thermofax screens for people who don’t have access to one…

Claire Higgott – Thermofax Screens
Marcy Tilton

Let me know if you know of anyone else who offers this service. Thanks!

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Lutradur tutorial

We just got back from two weeks’ holiday in the Loire Valley, in France.  More later, with lots of photos (I just uploaded over 700 to my computer so I expect they’ll be popping up here for a while!), but meanwhile, Barb at Joggles has posted a Tutorial on using lutradur   which I thought a lot of you would appreciate.  It looks good and when I have time, I look forward to working through it and having a play too.

I will post the answers to my ‘what is it’ quiz in a few days – anyone else fancy having a go?  Thank you Mags and Elizabet for your answers – I won’t keep you in suspense too long!

Next week I’m off to the Festival of Quilts for the Personal Imagery in Art Quilts masterclass with Erika Carter and can’t wait!  Anyone else going to FOQ?  I’m going to be there from Monday night to Friday night.   Meanwhile, the washing machine is working hard because all the kids’ clothes has to be washed and repacked because they’re all off to camp next week too….

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What to do with a little leftover black paint

I decided to paint the rest of the foam core today.  Here it is, sitting drying on a piece of baking parchment.

foam core drying

As you can see from these photos and most of the others in this blog, my main painting surface is the floor of my studio.  There is a perfectly good table for this purpose, but it is usually too full of other stuff like cutting mats, rulers, pens, pins, needles… you get the picture.  So the floor is the next best thing.  And so it will remain, no doubt, until my knees give out altogether.

When I was thinking of painting these this afternoon, I was looking idly at the piece of plastic I had used to protect the carpet while I was painting the foamcore, and realised that it was a pretty good work of art in itself!   Or part of one, at least.

painted plastic used as dropsheet

So I decided to use some painted fabric as a dropsheet instead, and have the serendipitous marks of the black paint on that.  I wouldn’t try and control it but just try and forget it was there.  (A bit difficult, actually – I still think the plastic came out better but you can be the judge of that).  When I had finished painting the foamcore I still had a bit of paint left, only a smidgeon, but I decided to do some printing with the printing blocks I made with funfoam a couple of months ago.  Ulp, not a couple of months ago, it was February!! Crumbs… where does the time go?

Here is the ‘dropcloth’ together with some printing on it:

printed, painted orange and black fabric

I originally painted this fabric back in 2005 and I have used a lot of it as backgrounds or backing fabric as it is quite stiff – it was painted with acrylics on polycotton fabric.  This was the first time I had printed on top of it.  

I still had a bit of black paint left in the palette so I grabbed some painted lutradur and got stamping away….

painted and printed lutradur

I haven’t used lutradur in any finished work yet but I really like the effect of this and the potential for layering because it is semi transparent.

I also grabbed a bit of yellow painted fabric and some pelmet vilene cut into postcard sized rectangles which I first painted during the online Personal Symbols course I did with Susan Sorrell last year – nothing was safe from the black attack!

yellow printed fabric

blue postcards

I really like layering paint and dyes – I think it gives such a feeling of depth and interest.  No doubt these pieces will crop up in my future work  when I decide where they will fit.  But for this afternoon – I had fun!

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