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Free Mindmapping tool download

There is a website I go to when I remember, called Giveaway of the Day.  Each day it features one piece of software which is free to download for that day only.  The software featured today is ConceptDraw Mindmap Personal, which is mindmapping and brainstorming software meant for businesses, but it struck me that it could be useful for designing and getting ideas, or at least for arranging them when you’ve got them! 

When I did the Journal Quilts course at Quilt University with Lily Kerns a couple of years ago, one of the methods she taught us was mindmapping and I found it useful for getting my thoughts about some topics down on paper.  I liked the pictorial method of working. 

If you fancy getting this software, hurry!  As I write, there are 14 hours and 14 minutes left to get it, otherwise it will cost $119…

PS. The giveaway of the day website has an rss feed so you can add it to your feeds and get updated automatically every day.

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Papermaking tutorial

Sara at Mainly Zaz has a brilliant photo tutorial about how to make handmade paper. Be warned, though, it’s soggy work!

I made some last year and posted some pics on my blog. Some more here and here.
(Sorry for the multiple links but it was when I was with Blogger and used to use Hello and Picasa to upload photos and only used to upload one at a time…).

Oh for the good old days… my blog will be two years old on 21st January!! I’m mentioning it now just in case it passes me by on the 21st!

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Fun with Pixelart

My son Zachary is really into Pixelart at the moment. These are kits, sold by my friend Sheryl at Creative Creations are made from photos and consist of plastic baseplates and lots of tiny plastic squares which you have to put in place on the baseplate with tweezers.

Here is his latest purchase, a Welsh Dragon, in progress:


He has all the bits and pieces on a tray so he won’t lose any.


This is the dolphin which he made first.


You can buy larger ones made of four or more baseplates and I think he has his sights set on one of those next!!

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Marlborough (3) – Creative Papercraft

cards, boxes etc

This is what we made on the Creative Papercraft course. Making things like this isn’t really my style (I like messier things har har!!) but I enjoyed learning the tips about making cards, envelopes, etc, so that they come out nice and smart and not battered and messy. James Skinner, the tutor, was amazingly generous with his handouts and the use of his tools and materials and very free with hints about how to do things, and very humorous with it! (He also had a shop where I was parted from some of my cash and bought, amongst other things, some paints for marbling so look out for the results of that experimentation in the future). We couldn’t do marbling, which I was disappointed about, because the college couldn’t give us a suitable ‘messy’ room for the purpose but James demonstrated it so now I’m keen to try it.

We did paperweaving – the one on the right was how he showed us to do it, but I decided to bring my own style into it and did a (much quicker) but – inevitably – wackier one on the left…

cards created by weaving paper and sticking it into an aperture card

We also did iris folding, which struck me as being a bit like foundation piecing except with paper and sellotape:

green card with red and green tornado in the middle of it

This is another card we made:

card with silhouette of robin

We made some little boxes. This one was made just by folding paper, and then securing the middle bits with glue.

small blue box with lid

Here are a couple of other boxes which I made in the last lesson when I had finished off everything else I was doing but there wasn’t much time to start anything else! The little cats were punched out of card with a punch.

three boxes, one with flower decoration and one with cats

We also made envelopes and I have come away with templates for other boxes and envelopes, which I can use as a base for my own designs, so this was a very useful course for me to do.

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