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Marlborough (3) – Creative Papercraft

cards, boxes etc

This is what we made on the Creative Papercraft course. Making things like this isn’t really my style (I like messier things har har!!) but I enjoyed learning the tips about making cards, envelopes, etc, so that they come out nice and smart and not battered and messy. James Skinner, the tutor, was amazingly generous with his handouts and the use of his tools and materials and very free with hints about how to do things, and very humorous with it! (He also had a shop where I was parted from some of my cash and bought, amongst other things, some paints for marbling so look out for the results of that experimentation in the future). We couldn’t do marbling, which I was disappointed about, because the college couldn’t give us a suitable ‘messy’ room for the purpose but James demonstrated it so now I’m keen to try it.

We did paperweaving – the one on the right was how he showed us to do it, but I decided to bring my own style into it and did a (much quicker) but – inevitably – wackier one on the left…

cards created by weaving paper and sticking it into an aperture card

We also did iris folding, which struck me as being a bit like foundation piecing except with paper and sellotape:

green card with red and green tornado in the middle of it

This is another card we made:

card with silhouette of robin

We made some little boxes. This one was made just by folding paper, and then securing the middle bits with glue.

small blue box with lid

Here are a couple of other boxes which I made in the last lesson when I had finished off everything else I was doing but there wasn’t much time to start anything else! The little cats were punched out of card with a punch.

three boxes, one with flower decoration and one with cats

We also made envelopes and I have come away with templates for other boxes and envelopes, which I can use as a base for my own designs, so this was a very useful course for me to do.


I finally got round to washing the shells I picked up on the beach a couple of Saturdays ago. They were starting to smell nasty – I think there were a couple of dead shellfish in the snail-like ones so I threw those away – ugh!

Here they are, waiting to be used:

lots of shells sitting on newspaper
As you can see, there are lots of shells with tiny holes already bored in them by the action of the sea. And a piece of driftwood.

When I go out on daytrips and holidays, I always mean to do a sort of scrapbook journal page/sketchbook page about it. Well, I finally managed it for this one! The colour printer was out of ink so I printed the photos with the black and white laser printer and watercoloured over them. I made a backing of tissue paper stained with tea to make it look like the seashore and stuck these over with the receipt from the country park car park. I also stuck on some sand and shells to add to the texture.

Here are pictures of the two pages:

journal page with pictures of day out

another journal page

I had an exciting letter this morning! Do you remember the Transporter Bridge postcard which I made in March? I entered it into the Newport in Bloom art competition… and I won second prize!!! Fun, fun, fun, especially since it’s the Transporter Bridge’s centenary year – I’d forgotten that when I decided to make the postcard.

Half an owl sock finished…

It is the middle of the Easter holidays and I haven’t been doing much except stuff on the computer and knitting. It is Barnabas’ birthday soon and he wants these socks to be ready for it. This is what I’ve done in 2 days, which isn’t bad considering it took a year to get this far on the last pair! This is Opal ‘rainforest’ yarn in Owl. So he will have owl socks.

half a sock in shades of brown and cream

To encourage me in my knitting, I’ve been listening to various podcasts. I’ve decided to start a podcast roll like my blogroll on my sidebar.

This is a wonderful one featuring a fellow Quiltart member and blogger, Melanie Testa. The podcast is called Craftsanity. This is what it says about the podcast featuring Melanie:

Textile designer and fiber artist Melanie Testa struggled at first to find her true calling. But on this episode of CraftSanity she’s going to inspire us with the story of how she crafted her way out of a bad situation.

There is a knitting podcast which I really like, too, called Knitcast. I have knitted my way through all 23 episodes of that one! Marie Irshad, who incidentally lives in Cardiff, interviews a prominent person in the knitting world for each episode so it was a good way of finding out what is going on in knitting and where to buy lots of yummy yarn!! She also interviewed various people during the Knitting and Stitching Show in London last year, run by Twisted Thread, who also run the Festival of Quilts which I spent two days at last year. One of them was Andrew Salmon, the Managing Director, where he spoke about future plans for the various shows, among other things (If you want to listen to this podcast it is here).

Over the next few weeks, I have decided to do a sort of series featuring online classes. If you run one of these, or have taken one and would like me to mention it, email me with a bit of blurb and maybe some photos and I will talk about it!

More symbols

I made another stamping block yesterday out of a speedy stamp and lino cutters. Here is a page of prints made from it, along with some of a lightning stamp I made out of an eraser. Apart from the sore thumb it generated, I’m fairly pleased with it and will be trying it out on fabric soon.

page of wiggly prints

We also had to draw some little blocks to cut – this is the page of mine. I haven’t got any more erasers so I can’t actually make any, but I’ve drawn another design on a piece of lino and will cut it as soon as I feel reckless enough/my thumbnail has healed:(

page of sketches for printing blocks

Symbols course progress

Well, the Symbols course has officially finished but I am only in the middle of Lesson 4! This is to make various stamps of the symbols. Here are a few of my sketches for this. I might use one or two of these to make a stamp.

sketches of symbols doodled in sketchbook

Here is another page of sketches, with a stamp I actually made out of lino.

sketchbook with doodles and print

The actual stamp is here, with four prints of it:

sketchbook page with prints

On to the stitching…

Following sticking down and sealing the collages, we have to stitch them. These are some I’ve started – all except one are machine stitched so far because I prefer it.

stitched collage postcard

stitched collage postcard

stitched collage postcard

This is the only one I’ve finished so far! I have added beads and couching round the edge.

stitched collage postcard with beads and thick threads

Personal Symbols course continued

After we painted the background we had to cut out images that appealed to us from a magazine, and also use painted papers etc. Using some of the symbols from week1, we had to arrange them on the background and seal them.

Here are some of the collages I came up with:

collage on painted background

collage on painted background

collage on painted background

collage on painted background

I’ve started stitching the bottom one.

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