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June Reeds

green reeds in june

A lot more green now.

VERY green

Spring green….


The brown stems are still poking up but the new growth is catching them up…


And the sea of reeds from previous months is just a hazy mist outlining the path of the pill.

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Week away continued

rusted green man

Isn’t this rusted Green Man amazing? 


We did dyeing with Helen and I obviously have a green theme going on looking at this piece of Evolon – I used the transfer painted papers that I decorated several months ago….


And of course I did some mark making doodles with the parallel pens:


While we were there, there was another workshop where they were making chairs – honestly! A whole dining chair in a week!  Steaming the wood to make it curved and everything …  One of the ladies on the course brought us this gorgeous strip of planed wood at the end of the week – isn’t it gorgeous? 


My main achievement during the week, however, is a blue crocheted scarf and I can’t believe I haven’t actually taken a photo of it yet so it’ll have to wait for the next post…  I hadn’t crocheted since I was a teenager so I was glad to see the skill hadn’t left me. I used a silk/cashmere yarn for it and it feels yummy!  Since getting back, I haven’t even touched it and I only need to do about another 12 inches so I must pick it up again…

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