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Hen book review

Here, at last, is the review of the hen book I was sent a few months ago! 

hen keeping book 

This is the cover of the book: Hen Keeping.  You will notice that the author has a very appropriate name!  The publishers, New Holland, have a series called Self-Sufficiency and this is one of them.  In fact, I just went to the category on their website and I think more titles have been added recently.  Natural Remedies and Foraging sound two interesting subjects to me, being a closet self sufficiency enthusiast! 

hen book review 

The book is quite small format, which I like, and very down to earth.  It was a very useful and straightforward guide for beginners to hen keeping like myself.  I liked it best of the out three books I’d reviewed.   It has sections on choosing your birds, housing, feeding, cleaning, all the things you need to know when starting out.  Together with the Omlet forum (the forum related to the Eglu, which is the henhouse I have), it gave me a very good start.

hen book review

The book is divided into two halves: The Basics, and then essentially a dictionary of poultry breeds, with pictures and a rundown of the characteristics of each, which are suitable for newcomers to henkeeping, etc.    All in all, a very useful little book.

Eggs galore!

Well, I’ve finally restarted blogging and feel a lot more enthusiasm for it.  Well, time will tell… I’ve also spent a lot of this afternoon learning to use the new menu navigation on WordPress and finally got it how I want it.

The hens arrived at the beginning of April and have definitely made their mark – on the slugs, on the borders in the garden, and now on the egg production!

Here they are when they first arrived:


This is Peggy.  She is a ranger. 


This is Prudence, a bovans nera, which is a cross between Rhode Island Red and Barred Plymouth Rock.  She has lovely markings.  She is also the most laid back and the peacemaker of the three. 


And this is Lucy.  She is an amber star.  They are all hybrid hens.   


They like perching on the garden bench.   Prudence was the first to start laying and now they’re giving us two or three eggs a day. 


This is the Very First Egg! 

I don’t seem to have any very recent photos of the hens but I’ll be writing a review of the hen book soon so I’ll put a few on here then.  Don’t worry though, I am doing textile stuff as well!!  Just not so much as I do seem to spend a lot of time sitting in the garden these days…

My Christmas present!

This was my Christmas present to myself – an extension table for my Janome sewing machine.  I wish I’d got one years ago – it is wonderful!  I’ve already sewn some curtains together which was made much easier (as well as stitching a superman logo on to a tshirt for DS3’s fancy dress party, but that’s another story!).

extension table for sewing machine

Another present is something I have to defer until the spring – a few hens!  Hence one of the books I requested for the book reviews was a book about hen keeping!  So that review will probably be the next blog post.   I’ve wanted to keep hens for several years now, ever since I met someone who kept them in their back garden; I always thought it was strictly for farming folk.  But since then I learnt that my grandmother kept them during the war, so I will look forward to following a family tradition…

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