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Fabric Bundles and Print Gocco machines still for sale!

This is just a quick reminder that I still have about 8 fabric bundles for sale… and as a way of clearing some space in my studio the next person in the UK to buy some can have 3 bundles for the price of 2! Just pay with the Paypal buttons for two and email me to let me know which other one you want and I’ll mark them as sold. I’ll post on here when they’ve gone. You can find them here. This offer will expire at midnight on Wednesday 3rd June.

Red fabric bundle

And I also have a number of Print Gocco machines for sale – I haven’t got any B6 machines but I have several PG10s and PG10 Supers. They are on my Print Gocco machines page.

If you haven’t the foggiest what I’m talking about, there’s a page of links about the Print Gocco here.

Print Gocco PG10 Super for sale

This is a card I printed with it. I really must get it out and print some more… they really are addictive once you get going!


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A Walk to Dunster

Over Easter we stayed in Minehead in Somerset.  It was glorious weather and one afternoon I decided to walk to Dunster, a few miles away.  I walked along the coast and past the golf course (taking care to listen for shouts of ‘Fore!’) and then turned inland. 

Here is Dunster railway station, where trains from the West Somerset Railway stop.  I didn’t see any trains, unfortunately, but heard them in the distance.

Dunster railway station

There was a big hill up to Dunster village itself but I trudged along and eventually came to the main street.  Didn’t have time to visit the castle, unfortunately, but I saw this old yarn market where they used to sell yarn in medieval times:

old yarn market, Dunster

Isn’t it gorgeous?  I love the roof timbers:

roof timbers in yarn market, Dunster

I had a wander round the shops, very touristy but some lovely arty things in them, and then wended my way back along the coast again, fortified by a yummy ice cream…

Back through the fields where the lambs were capering…. there were rooks or crows nesting in those trees in the background and they had plenty to say to each other in VERY loud voices!

English countryside with sheep

I saw lots of angelica (I think it was angelica, anyway, it looked similar to what I grew a couple of years ago) growing wild:


One night there was a gorgeous sunset – I tested the sunset setting on my camera and I think it turned out pretty well!

sunset in Minehead

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I’m featured!

…. On Bonnie Samuel’s blog today. She is writing a series about artists’ inspiration. This is what she says:

“Fiber Artisans” denotes many creative applications – weavering, quilt artists, knitters, surface designers, tapestry, and more. Many combine various fiber arts in their work. But what inspires their designs, theme, colors and the materials they use in creating?

As fiber artisans, like writers, we sometimes get “blocked,” but then something moves us and the process begins anew for us. Is it an experience, nature, emotion or the materials themselves that brings forth our creativity?

Do go over there and have a look and leave a comment about where you get your inspiration from.

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Wrought iron gate

picture of very decorative triangular top of wrought iron gate

Black and white photo of the wrought iron gate at Tredegar House

This is the wrought iron gate which inspired the wallhanging.

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