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Crafts for kids

I haven’t done much quilting related stuff this summer, but having spent the last week making crafty things with kids, I thought I would post some pictures of what I had done with them previously, partly to remind me and partly in case anyone is looking for ideas. We have an all-age service at church each month and I come up with a related craft activity to keep the kids quiet at the beginning. It is quite a challenge because the children can be anything from 3 to 11 and there is only 10 or 15 minutes to do it in.

Here are a few of the things we have made over the months…

three pipe cleaner men with beads
Pipe cleaner men

small black box
Treasure box

five different masks
Masks which we decorated

purple foot

This is what I’m doing next Sunday. A foot out of fun foam, decorated with all sorts of twinkly things.

Are you an Internet Addict?

I am 34% Internet Addict.

I could go either way. Deep into the madness of nights filled with coding CGI-Scripts and online role playing games, or I could become a normal user. Good luck!

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Four things meme

Four jobs you’ve had:
hospital cleaner; waitress (student jobs!); secretary (including a 2 day temporary job at the House of Lords!); mother.

Four movies I could watch over and over:
Not a great one for movies; once is usually enough. Books are another thing. However:
Pride and Prejudice; any of the Harry Potter ones; sorry, just can’t think of any more. I’m not a film person.

Four places I’ve lived:
Stoke-on-Trent, England; St Andrews, Scotland; London; Newport, South Wales.

Four TV shows you love to watch.
The Royle Family; Big Brother; Hell’s Kitchen; My Hero (thanks, Eleanor if you’re reading this!).

Four places you’ve been on vacation.
France (all over); Pertisau, Austria; Tenerife (off the beaten track); former Yugoslavia about a week before war broke out!

Four websites you visit every day.
See my links on the sidebar; BBC news (set for my homepage on my browser so I can’t really avoid it); this one to check for comment moderation and to write my blog. That’s about 60!

Four of your favourite foods;
Chocolate; soup; nuts, especially cashews and almonds; satsumas.

Four places you’d rather be:
St Andrews; in the countryside; by the seaside; Oxford.

Four Albums you can’t live without:
Queen’s greatest hits; Graceland (Paul Simon); Supertramp – Crisis-what crisis? and Even in the Quietest Moments.

Four people you’ll pass this on to:
Frances from Island Threads; Dijanne from Musings of a Textile Itinerant; Kimberley at Natural Dye Journal and Sandy at Dangling by a Thread.

Concertina Books took off!

Well, whaddaja know? Thank you to Eric at Origami Tessellations for linking to my concertina book tutorial from his site and also submitting it to Make:Magazine blog for them to link to it also! Take a look at Eric’s site and the zine too – they’ve got some great things there. And welcome to anyone finding this blog for the first time – sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy the photos!

By the way, if anyone hasn’t got time to make the books but would like to buy one, I’m selling them for £15 each plus postage, (or $30 US). Email me if you are interested.

Concertina Books

When I was doing my City and Guilds course, one day we learnt how to make books. I made one of these little concertina books. A year or so ago I made lots of covers and used some of my painted papers to fold pages for them, but never got round to sticking them together. Today I finally finished them! (The magazine behind the first little book is what I was using to glue them on, by the way…)

concertina book

concertina book

concertina book

I took lots of pictures when I was putting them together with a view to writing a tutorial for making them and posting it here. Hopefully tomorrow! The kids are on holiday now, but I will try and fit it in!

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