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Saturday Superdragons

Day of the X-Rated Superdragon

This dragon is Day of the X-Rated by Dominic Williams and it is in the subway area between the castle and the rest of the town.  The mural behind it is commemorating the local coal industry.

Masquerade Superdragon Newport

This one was painted by my friend Alison Ludlow and is called Masquerade.  It is just by the castle.

dragon by footbridge in Newport

Continuing along by the river, the next dragon is called Draig Phoenix Guilin by Marion Webber.  It is just by the fairly new footbridge across the river Usk.


This one is called Rodney and the artist is Gerard Whyman.  I met Gerard when he knocked on our door and asked if he could take a photo of our house to paint it for some former residents, friends of his!  He gave me a print , which I’m very fond of.  His dragon stands in Rodney Parade, home of the local rugby club, Gwent Dragons.  Very appropriate!

And lastly for today’s little tour, is the dragon by the bus station – if you look carefully, you can see the tourist bus in the background.

dragon in Newport bus station

He is called Deano and the artist is Rhys Webber.

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Several more Superdragons


 ridgeway dragons, Newport

These two are up on the top of Ridgeway, where I often walk.  What a glorious view they have!  The one in front is called Goldie Lookin’ Dragon by Caroline Smith – there is a pop group from Newport called Goldie Lookin’ Chain….  The one behind is Newport’s Great Outdoors by Ella Edwards.  Here’s a better photo of it:

Newport's great outdoors superdragon

Sadly, this one had gone in for repairs between one walk at 7.30pm on Wednesday and about the same time yesterday.  So many of them are falling prey to the mindless vandalism that they are considering putting them all inside safe and sound.  Such a pity:(

Elvis lookalike dragon!

There are three dragons in the Riverfront Arts Centre.  This one is Elvis!  Can you see the resemblance?!  The artist is Brian D Hanlon.

City Scaler superdragon

This one is City Scaler by Lauren Fowler.

Cyn Ac Ar Ol superdragon

And this one is right by it – it is called Cyn Ac Ar Ol by Tim Hobbis, and I’m sorry but my Welsh isn’t up to telling you what that is about

Here they both are standing together.

riverfront dragons

Tell me if you get fed up with dragons and I’ll revert to my usual reeds, sketchbooks and ramblings…

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