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Reasons why every artist should have a blog…

No posts for almost a week and then like buses, two come along at once…

I have moved all my bookmarks to del.icio.us, which is a sort of communal bookmarking site and am busy sorting them all out, and clicking on all the links to test which are still live and which have perished in cyberspace. If you haven’t come across del.icio.us it is a way of sharing bookmarks – you sign up and can install buttons on your browser so that when you click on them you can add a link to your bookmarks and tell it which category to put it into. Then you can make them public if you want to… I am in the process of doing this and you can find them here. I will add a link to my sidebar in due course.

Anyway, to the purpose of this blog post! While I was sifting through my bookmarks, I found this useful article again: 9 reasons why every artist should have their own art blog.

Meetings with Blogging Friends

I meant to post this yesterday but I spilt tea on my laptop keyboard so it had to languish overnight to dry, with all detachable parts duly detached.  Luckily it doesn’t seem to have done any damage, or nothing which has shown itself yet.

While I was at FOQ, I met several people in the flesh whom I had ‘met’ several years ago through emails.

Liz and Carol

Here I am with Carol of Textile Tales in the SAQA Reverberations Exhibit.

Jenny and Carol

Carol was with her friend Jenny of Felted Fibers.

On Friday I had lunch with Frances of Island Threads but we forgot to take any photos.  And I saw Myfanwy from Winifred Cottage several times as I couldn’t seem to keep away from her stall! 

More quilt hanging!

Thank you for all your comments and thoughts about orientation of those two quilts.    I appreciated all your suggestions, and finally went with Gay’s idea about putting two sleeves on for the silk quilt (the top one) and have currently got it with the pink at the top.   I put the green and orange quilt with the green at the top, mostly because I decided to call it ‘Whirlwind’ and I thought it looked unstable that way which reflected the title!  Here it is hanging above the television:

whirlwind quilt above television

I have now put sleeves on most of my finished quilts.  Here are some more hanging above the mantlepiece in my studio, with a lot of my paintings sitting on the mantlepiece with my antique sewing machine and the box I made for City & Guilds:

quilts above mantlepiece

Here are the sea and cloud quilts I made in Linda Schmidt’s online Elements in Fabric course last year, together with Tulip, based on a macro photo of a tulip:

three little quilts hanging on wall

I’ve also been experimenting with mounting them on foamboard and gallery wrap – I think this ‘fire’ quilt (again made in Linda Schmidt’s course) looks good against the black, even though it is only sitting on the radiator at the moment!

fire quilt mounted on gallery wrap

I am planning on mounting my journal quilts on foamcore and so I have several pieces of cut foamcore which I painted black today.  Here they are, drying:

black painted foamcore

The other thing I did today was to replace one of the pieces of Tyvek which joins my Dreaming Spirals quilt to the hanging device.  It was obviously not strong enough to hold the quilt once it had been melted.  I melted this one only a little and will monitor how long it lasts this time.  It is nice to have it hanging up again in the corner of my studio as it is so bright and colourful!  Sometime I really must replace that scrappy bit of yarn by which it is hanging on the nail in the wall!

turquoise, red and orange quilt with gold painted tyvek

I hope that clearing the pile of finished quilts and moving them to the walls will kickstart my creativity again!  It hasn’t happened yet, but July IS a very busy month – the kids’ social lives overtakes mine by a long stretch… DS1 is on a week’s work experience this week with Stagecoach, the bus company, and he got back today having thoroughly enjoyed himself.  He goes off to Sorrento on a geography field trip at the end of next week and I am very jealous!  Especially since the weather we are having here is rain, rain, more rain …. Pompeii, Vesuvius, Capri and the Amalfi coast are much more appealing.    DS3 is madly practising his violin for a music evening at school tomorrow and the other two have their summer concert next week… 

Some finished quilts!

I’ve been busy trying to clear the pile of quilts which are sitting in my studio waiting for sleeves and labels and finishing off in general.  I finally got started yesterday and finishing one seemed to be the stimulus I needed and now there are four hanging on the walls…

four quilts on studio walls

There’s a small problem with the next couple of quilts – I can’t decide which way up they should be!!  What do you think?

fantasy quilt

or this?

fantasy quilt upside down

This one is habutai silk hand dyed and machine quilted quite improvisationally.  I added the scrim and appliqued the flower petals as I went along because they felt right.  The whole thing is very textural.  I started off meaning it to be the top orientation but in lots of ways I quite like the bottom one now.  Maybe I should put two sleeves on!!!

The next quilt is one I made with the kids – we glued on lots of small scraps of fabrics and I stitched them down and then quilted it, again quite spontaneously.  Again, I started off thinking it would be the top orientation but now am not sure…

autumn quilt

or this?

autumn quilt inverted

Any thoughts gratefully received!

Fabric values

The house smells of onions at the moment because I’m busy boiling onion skins so I can overdye one of the skeins I did last time.  Meanwhile, I have been busy knitting my bag!  So far I have done the base and about 10 rows of the main bit – about 50 more rows to go!  But it knits up very quickly as I’m doing it on 10mm needles.  I am going to felt it in the washing machine afterwards – just hope I can get that bit right because the instructions say a top loading machine which you can keep stopping and checking.   My machine is a front loader which you have to programme and it throws a wobbly if you try and stop it in the middle.  So next week if I’m mopping up water and complaining about broken washing machines, you’ll know this is the culprit!

No photos of the half completed bag yet, but here, as promised are some of my fabric stash sorted by value (my photography seems to lag behind my blog posts at the moment…. 

lots of cotton fabric in baskets

The darkest two:


The medium two (actually looking at that photo I must move a few more around!:


And the lightest two:


That green thing

is how I think of this quilt-in-the-making. 

green quilt with orange patches

You may remember I pieced the strips and put it together in a different format.  When I got my design board I played around with it a bit more and put it like this and decided that I liked it better this way so I sewed the strips together.  Taking the photo has made me realise that the bottom row colours are quite different from the rest, although it is not so obvious in reality.  I obviously need to do something to tie them in a bit more.  Some stamping on the green strips perhaps.

I also made a larger version of the landscape postcards.

small landscape quilt

This is about 12 inches by 10 inches or thereabouts.  That light green bit on the third row from the top is green handmade paper.  I think I need to do something with that large dark row in the middle.  I’m also going to do some stitching on it: trees and suchlike.   This postcard was the smaller version of it.  It’s funny how it is difficult to scale something up without making adjustments.

I spent a large part of the afternoon printing trees out on to Lasertran and that t-shirt transfer paper.  And on to brown lokta paper which I bought from Fibrecrafts.  It is A4 size and meant to go through printers.  I’m going to have a play with them.  I feel like making a journal or something about trees.  I’ve been looking at Lynne Perrella’s book, Artists’ Journals and Sketchbooks for inspiration.  I think I’ve been going through a fallow period the last few months and haven’t really felt like quilting so I’m going to try and get my enthusiasm back by ‘playing’ in different ways.

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