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Reasons why every artist should have a blog…

No posts for almost a week and then like buses, two come along at once…

I have moved all my bookmarks to del.icio.us, which is a sort of communal bookmarking site and am busy sorting them all out, and clicking on all the links to test which are still live and which have perished in cyberspace. If you haven’t come across del.icio.us it is a way of sharing bookmarks – you sign up and can install buttons on your browser so that when you click on them you can add a link to your bookmarks and tell it which category to put it into. Then you can make them public if you want to… I am in the process of doing this and you can find them here. I will add a link to my sidebar in due course.

Anyway, to the purpose of this blog post! While I was sifting through my bookmarks, I found this useful article again: 9 reasons why every artist should have their own art blog.

Meetings with Blogging Friends

I meant to post this yesterday but I spilt tea on my laptop keyboard so it had to languish overnight to dry, with all detachable parts duly detached.  Luckily it doesn’t seem to have done any damage, or nothing which has shown itself yet.

While I was at FOQ, I met several people in the flesh whom I had ‘met’ several years ago through emails.

Liz and Carol

Here I am with Carol of Textile Tales in the SAQA Reverberations Exhibit.

Jenny and Carol

Carol was with her friend Jenny of Felted Fibers.

On Friday I had lunch with Frances of Island Threads but we forgot to take any photos.  And I saw Myfanwy from Winifred Cottage several times as I couldn’t seem to keep away from her stall! 

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