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I’ve been quiet on here for a while but have been busy adding digital scrapbook kits to my shops on Etsy and Creative Market.  One of the kits has indigo blue shibori patterns, developed from both tie dyed fabric and paper.

Indigo shibori Digital Paper Pack by Liz Plummer - printable for scrapbook paper, DIY wedding invitations, envelopes, etc

This photo shows some of the things you can do with the shibori paper

Shibori is a Japanese tie dyeing method of making patterns, usually in indigo.  In Japan, this traditional art has some amazingly complex stitching designs: the act of gathering the fabric acts as a resist so that the dye only reaches the parts that haven’t been gathered tightly.  Sometimes it is pleated and clamped.  When I did my City & Guilds in patchwork and quilting we wrapped it tightly round pieces of drainpipe and pushed it down really hard then poured the dye over it. This produced some really striking patterns.  Here is the account of how I dyed one of the patterns in the kit.

I have a book by Yoshika Wada called Shibori: the Inventive Art of Japanese Shaped Resist Dyeing.  The patterns shown there are varied and awesome.  My patterns, in comparison, are relatively simple.  I’ve mixed them with watercolour stripes and dashes.

I’ve got a Shibori board on Pinterest if you would like to see lots of examples.

Apparently the word ‘shibori’ comes from the verb shiboru which means to wring, squeeze or press, and denotes the process of manipulating fabric, treating it as a 3 dimensional form rather than a 2 dimensional surface.  Michelle Griffiths, a textile artist based not far from here in South Wales, makes amazing sculptural textile designs by leaving the cloth in this dimensional form.  I’ve pinned some photos of her work on the board on Pinterest.

The digital files in my kits can be used for scrapbooking, digital journaling, wedding invitations, to make envelopes and other stationery, or as blog backgrounds or for the new style Etsy cover photos.

I uploaded one of the patterns to Spoonflower and ordered a metre of it when they had a half price sale on their eco canvas. Here it is hanging on my design wall.  I think I’m going to make a bag out of some of it – I quite like this design.

a yard of Shibori pattern by Liz Plummer printed by Spoonflower on eco canvas

I like the faint, subtle markings where the dye just stained the paper a bit as well as the more vibrant parts.

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Papery Pinterest Boards

Continuing the paper theme, I’ve been immersed in Pinterest for a while, and have several paper related boards.

Liz's pinterest boards

A selection of my Pinterest Boards

Relevant boards are:






Washi Tape

Mark Making

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Newsletter update

If you have signed up to receive my newsletter, you will realise that I am not a very prolific newsletter creator, in fact I have only sent one since I set it up!  However, I have spent today’s bank holiday reading various Mailchimp guides and have discovered that as well as giving you options to receive my occasional artist newsletter, I can also set it up to automatically email you blog posts, my Instagram photos or my Pinterest boards.  If you are interested in any of these, fill in the form on the right and I will arrange to have you sent them as frequently as you specify.

If you are already a subscriber to my email, I have retained your email settings to just receive my artist newsletter, so don’t worry, you won’t suddenly be inundated!  However, if you would also like to receive the above additional ones, let me know and I will add you.

Update:  I’ve just noticed I haven’t added a ‘daily’ option… if you would like this option added, let me know…

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