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Onset of winter

I went into the garden this afternoon with my new camera. I really must get the wireless set up. The USB downloading is much more fiddly than the other camera because you have to plug the USB into the computer one end and the camera charging ‘shoe’ in the other and then put the camera into the shoe. With the old camera I just had one end in the camera and the other in the computer. So the shoe has to be plugged in and stretched across the room too!!

I ought to be able to set this wireless thing up. DH got a new laptop earlier this week and I managed to link him up to the network all right. As well as installing AVG and Zone Alarm and all the other bits and pieces needed in this insecure cyber world, and uninstalling all the useless stuff which Dell decides to dump on it…

Anyway, back to the garden. Winter is setting in.

pear tree almost devoid of leaves

Some trees are nearly bare.

an orange leaf in the midst of a green bush

Some bushes are not quite there yet, though.

colourful leaves on grass

Lots of leaves on the grass too, looking colourful though a bit sodden and muddy…

fatsia leaf and flowers

We have a fatsia tree in our garden and I can’t remember noticing the flowers before, although I do remember the distinctive seedpods …

ivy flowers

What I did notice today, though, was how like the ivy flowers the fatsia ones were. I wonder if they’re related? They’ve got the same sort of thick, waxy leaves, and flying insects seem to like them.

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Apple harvest

About 3 years ago, we planted a couple of apple trees and a damson tree. The damson hasn’t produced anything yet (well, last year it had a few fruit but they mysteriously disappeared when we were on holiday!). This year was the best yet for the apples… I picked them last week before they rotted on the trees…

red apples on tablecloth

I think I might give them a bit more compost round their trunks next year…. and weed a bit more too! Maybe we’ll get double the number then!

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Abundant harvest….

Our pear tree has been unusually productive this year. It usually has a year like this, then we have to wait for a few years before it has many pears again.

pear tree with rusty climbing frame in front of it

That’s Zachary’s wobbly climbing frame in front – it does more cluttering up of the garden than entertainment for the kids. I’ve got my eye on it for its rust potential though…

A couple of weeks ago, I felt as though I was drowning in pears. They were falling from the tree faster than I could use them.

bowl of pears

They don’t keep very long once they are off the tree, so I cooked them in syrup in the oven. The preparation was the worst… the discarded rotten bits and the peel took up almost as much room as the pear pieces.

peeled pears and discarded bits

Here is a Tupperware full in the fridge waiting to be eaten. There is still a boxful of whole pears in the fridge too…

tupperware container full of cooked pears

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Unexpected germination

Our windowsill is getting full of plants.

plants on windowsill

The middle one is a poinsettia, and it has been there for some time, despite my best effects to kill it by forgetting to water it. The one on the left is a Japanese coriander plant which I bought at Haverfordwest farmer’s market on our recent visit to Pembrokeshire. The friendly man there told me it had to overwinter inside so I planted it out and put it on our bedroom windowsill where it can have company. Living in a Victorian house we don’t have many conventional windowsills. It’s the most unfortunate thing about this house. Nearly all the windows don’t have windowsills at all. Does anyone know where you can buy tall plantstands for holding plants? Our windows are all about a yard up from the ground and I want something which will be reasonably stable from kids pushing it over…

The one on the right was a surprise…

avocado seedling

I read on a couple of people’s blogs that they had been germinating avocado seeds, about 6 months ago, and I decided to have a go. I soaked about three in water for about 6 weeks, decided nothing was happening and chucked two of them into the compost bin. The third I recklessly shoved into a defunct plantpot on the patio, whose occupant had given up the unequal struggle for survival. This was a few months ago now. On Monday, when I was skirting round there looking for somewhere to pot on the Japanese coriander, I noticed this plant pot… complete with avocado seedling!! So I brought it inside before I forget it and the nights get colder or the slugs finish it off. The unpredictability of nature.

(Incidentally, in the first picture, the extra leaves sprouting all over the place come from the wisteria growing up the front of the house).

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