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I’ve not done much this week; had to hare off to Anselm’s school on Monday because he had been hit in the eye by a cricket ball. He now has a nice shiner! Doesn’t hurt him but it looks very impressive. Yesterday I caught up with all my emails which had piled up for a week or so and needed a reply. And today, Anselm and Barnabas had a day off school because it was a teacher training day so we headed down town to buy new shoes and a violin for Barnabas. So here are a few flower photos from my garden to brighten up today’s page.

red flower on bush
I can never remember the name of this flower. It is a shrub which can grown very high, especially when it isn’t pruned for a few years!

pink rosebud
From this

rose nearing its end
To this….

yellow honeysuckle flowers
I love the smell of honeysuckle.

white feverfew flowers
I think this is feverfew. It appeared out of nowhere in my garden. I didn’t plant it, but it now resides in my herb garden.

Some flowers in my garden

I went to Hereford for the day today – will post some photos tomorrow as they are still in the camera which involves an extra step in the blogging process! In the meantime, here are some photos of flowers in my garden which I took on Saturday.

Blue and Purple:

Red and Purple:

White and Purple:

Just Purple:
herb robert

Ferns and more painting results

It’s too hot to blog today really but I must, I must!! And Zachary is practising his violin in the background and the other two are fighting so I wish I could just run away and hide with my fingers over my ears but I will press on in the interests of technology… or something!

Gill of An Elegant Sufficiency posted a gorgeous picture she took on holiday in Italy of a tiny fern growing in a wallminiscule fern growing in red brick garden wall

Here are the other two pieces I painted following the Personal Symbols lesson 5:

collage with zigzags painted in white fabric paint
This is the collage piece which I overpainted with white zigzags.

collage with zigzags painted in colours and decorated with doodles
Here’s the finished article. I outlined the zigzags in black and painted doodles inside them with silver paint. I then outlined some of them with the same 3d paint as I used on the other piece. I also highlighted some of the shapes in the background with it. I think I like it this way up best – what do you think?

detail of above
Here is a detail.

white teardrops painted on green/blue background fabric
Here is the other piece as it was when I posted the picture a week or so ago.

above with teardrops painted in colours
Here it is with coloured teardrops instead of white.

above with teardrops outlined in black
Teardrops outlined in black.

After this I again did doodles in the teardrops with the silver paint and dots in the background but I decided that I didn’t like the background colour, so I overpainted it with very dilute yellow fabric paint. Interestingly, it hasn’t affected the colours of the teardrops much, which is just as well because they probably would have ended up brown!

above overpainted with yellow paint and with teardrops decorated with doodles in silver paint
Here is the result of that little experiment. I like it much better. The colour is deeper than shown here, too.

detail of above
Here is a detail of the above fabric.

Springwatch – and that fabric

I’ve been watching Springwatch on BBC2 this past week and it is fascinating (if you’re not in the UK you can watch it on the website). The Beeb are filming lots of animal babies, birds, otters – and all sorts of other things – as they grow over the weeks. They have all sorts of live cameras and birdbox cams etc.

Barnabas made a birdbox at cubs a couple of years ago, and because he was Sixer, he was allowed to take his Six’s home. Last year a bird must have nested in it (I think it must have been bluetits as it has such a small entrance) and a few weeks ago it fell down so I could investigate the nest.

Here it is:

nest in wooden box
Only insect life in there now, unfortunately, but there’s a broken egg which some baby tit presumably hatched out of.

nest out of wooden box
I took it out because apparently you’re supposed to remove the nest and give it a good clean after use (according to the local RSPB). It buzzes so I don’t know what sort of insect is living there now. Hmmm….

woad seeds on stem
Here are the woad seeds on my woad plant. So although only that one has survived, I’ve got the hope of more plants next year!

woad seeds in close up
Here’s a close up. They’re very photogenic!

painted purple, green and gold fabric
Here is a close up of that fabric I painted last week.

more of above fabric
And here is another bit.

Herbal progress

It is a gorgeous day today (apart from the fact that the dentist has put me on yet another dose of antibiotics because the abscess has come back – why he couldn’t deal with the tooth a week ago I don’t know…).

The herb garden is looking good.

sorrel, fennel and angelica
That is sorrel on the left, with tall flower stalks. Just behind and slightly to the right (a bit like mist!) are the feathery leaves of fennel, and to the right, the large leaves of angelica. (That’s an ivy bush on the far right).

The angelica flowers are in bloom and they are very spectacular against the sky:

angelica umbrella against the sky

Here is a close up of the top part:

close up of above photo

Yellow everywhere

As promised a few weeks ago, here is a photo of the wonderful bank of daffodils by the Civic Centre.

loads of tiny daffodils on side of hill

And a close up:

close up of daffodils

The forsythia is out in abundance now too. I loved the colour of the yellow against the blue sky:

forsythia in bloom

more forsythia

Medicinal/dyeing herbs

A few of the other herbs I planted last year are also still alive.

This is the angelica:

new shoots of angelica

And some mullein:

mullein just showing above ground

Here is the only woad plant which escaped the slugs’ depredations. The other two which germinated were in the garden but I kept this in a pot. It has begun to shoot up in the last week or so. Last year it stayed in a low crown shape. Too accessible to slugs obviously. I must try and collect seeds from it this year or hope it self seeds or this will be the end of my attempt to grow woad!

potted woad plant

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