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I have been busy over the last few weeks finishing some postcards for a postcard swap with Art2Mail.  There are 27 here (I think!).  Here is a tantalizing taster for the recipients:

pile of fabric postcards for swap 

I have also been installing a router for our wireless network – we have had a very temperamental, ancient system until now and I got fed up of getting cut off and having to go and tweak various adaptors.  The only problem is that now one of the computers the kids use, which still runs Windows 98, can’t connect.  So we are getting lots of complaints about being bored over this half term week…

On another note, the garden has still got some colour, despite it being nearly November.   Things don’t usually just grow for me, and when they do the slugs beat me to it, but I just stuck a few nasturtium seeds in last spring, and one of them is ENORMOUS!   It has grown and climbed from the patio across most of the width of the lawn and is still flowering.  I like to eat the nasturtium flowers.  I visited the restaurant at Garden Organic (which used to be called HDRA) a few years ago and they served various flowers in the salad and it gave me confidence to try some of them at home.  Nasturtium flowers have a nice peppery flavour.  Trouble is, I can’t manage to bring myself to pick many of these….

orange nasturtium flower

While I was pegging out washing the other day I moved the trampoline cover and underneath were these eggs – I assume insect or reptile eggs.  Anyone know what they are?   There were also a lot of slugs hoping to overwinter snugly under there as well!

unidentified insect eggs

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A Landscape Postcard

I’m going to do a proper post on the making of these postcards, but just at present I’m experimenting with a different way of uploading photos to my blog because my current method is a bit cumbersome.

Here is one of the postcards I made a week or two ago:

landscape postcard

Meanwhile, during my blogsurfing yesterday (hmm, have I just made up another internet word, or just picked it up subliminally from some press article or other?!), I found this post by Lisa Call on how she dyes 60-100 yards of fabric in a few hours. It is more or less how I did it when I last did some dyeing, except that I used smaller pieces at a time – ie. by adding more fabric to the dyestuff successively to make paler shades of the same colour but Lisa has described it beautifully. Imagine – 60 to 100 YARDS!!!

I just checked her blog and she has another post about it – the second of a number of posts she is going to write about her process. I enjoy reading Lisa’s blog – she always has thought-provoking or informative posts.

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New camera and filling the freezer!

I’ve been quiet this week because I’ve got a new toy… a Nikon Coolpix S6! And the first time I installed the software for it, it messed up my wireless settings on this computer so I had to do a system restore… The camera has a facility whereby you can download photos wirelessly if you get it set up right, but we’ve got a strange wireless network using Intel Anypoint and it doesn’t use the Windows Internet Sharing Software but has a quirky programme of its own, and its settings aren’t what Nikon wants them to be for the camera…. Agghh… So maybe I’ll just use the USB cable instead…

As a result of all that, I had to install the camera software separately – so far I’ve only installed the drivers, which enable me to continue using Picasa instead of PictureProject, which was supplied with the camera. So now I can either be adventurous and try and get the rest of it set up, or decide that the status quo is best and using the USB cord isn’t that onerous really…

All I can say is, hurray for System Restore!!

Back to last week… Here is a photo of the potatoes all cut and encased in clingfilm ready for printing. The kids loved it, though I was left wondering whether all that preparation and cleaning up was worth it just to let them splash paint around for 10 minutes!! The ones which worked best were the simple ones I cut with a knife – the lino print ones didn’t print too well. Too complicated…

potatoes cut ready for printing

On Tuesday I suddenly decided to make a huge pile of lasagne to put in the freezer. Well, I make the bolognaise sauce and then I make a pan full of cheese sauce – I’ve got this wonderful contraption called a sauce maker which heats and stirs the sauce for you so all you have to do is put in the ingredients and go away and wait. More or less. And then I put it all together in Tupperware containers with that lasagne that doesn’t need precooking…

Here’s the result. I had a couple of Tupperwares full of bolognaise sauce as well, plus a tub of macaroni cheese from the remains of the pasta from our lunch and the cheese sauce, which Barnabas polished off that evening when he came in cold and hungry from their rugby match (they lost…).

lots of tupperware containers full of spag bol and lasagne

Here’s one of the first photos I downloaded from the new camera. It’s a fresh bouquet garni waiting to be dropped into a stew…

fresh herbs tied together as a bouquet garni with cotton thread (well, I assume it was cotton cos polyester would've melted duh)

I finished the postcards, but I won’t post any pictures till the recipients have got them – don’t want to spoil any surprises! As usual, I got carried away and made more than I needed, so if anyone out there with a blog would like to swap one with me, email me and we’ll get together! Then we can post them on each other’s blogs… Anyone want to play?!

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Lots more postcards for sale!

I have just added lots more postcards to my ‘for sale’ pages – now I’m extremely crosseyed!

These postcards are £15.00 each, including shipping. They will be shipped blank in a jiffy bag unless specified otherwise. If you want them sent bare through the post to create a work of art complete with greeting, stamp and postmark, please indicate this in the Paypal form. I am happy to ship anywhere in the world.

Have a look under ‘Pages’ in the sidebar to the right of this entry – Postcards and More Postcards! Enjoy!!

If you want to see any of them in more detail, email me and I’ll email you a bigger photo. I have included a detail with one of them just to show the general quality but I haven’t got the space to do this with all of them and they would take forever to load if I did:)

If you have any problems with using Paypal, let me know – I haven’t had much experience with it so I hope I’ve got the html for the buttons right!

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