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Lots more postcards for sale!

I have just added lots more postcards to my ‘for sale’ pages – now I’m extremely crosseyed!

These postcards are £15.00 each, including shipping. They will be shipped blank in a jiffy bag unless specified otherwise. If you want them sent bare through the post to create a work of art complete with greeting, stamp and postmark, please indicate this in the Paypal form. I am happy to ship anywhere in the world.

Have a look under ‘Pages’ in the sidebar to the right of this entry – Postcards and More Postcards! Enjoy!!

If you want to see any of them in more detail, email me and I’ll email you a bigger photo. I have included a detail with one of them just to show the general quality but I haven’t got the space to do this with all of them and they would take forever to load if I did:)

If you have any problems with using Paypal, let me know – I haven’t had much experience with it so I hope I’ve got the html for the buttons right!


Diane of Going to Pieces, the Artful Quilters Blogring Owner, has compiled a really good list of tutorials gleaned from posts in the blogring. I was emailing her with links for a couple of mine, when I realised I had never posted pictures of some of the postcards I made from the collages earlier in the year.

Here are a few of them. I spent this morning taking lots of photos so hopefully I will get them put on the ‘for sale’ section of the blog before too long. I had a deadline to do this, because I have exciting news! Sheryl, a friend who I know from my City & Guilds course, has a co-operative crafts venture upstairs in Newport Market, and she has asked me to join in with them and sell my fabric postcards! Newport Council use the first floor of the market, which is a very attractive Victorian building, to encourage artists and crafts designer/makers who want to start out in business and they have regular craft fayres. I will be spending a couple of half days a week manning the shop, which is brilliant because I was looking for a way to get out and meet more people while the kids are in school. It is called Alpha Arts and Crafts – have a look at their website and come and see me if you are in Newport visiting!

Here, as promised, are some of the postcards.

collaged postcard
Portals #1

collaged postcard
Portals #2

collaged postcard
Spirals #5

collaged postcard
Spirals #11

Little squares!!

Here are a pile of the resulting squares which I cut out of all that lot!

pile of square textured fabric etc on table

Here’s the whole lot! I cut lots of thinner rectangles from the offcuts which will be added into the mix….

more piles of squares and rectangles too

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