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Doodling delights

I do a lot of doodling with pen and paper, especially when my mind is elsewhere and I happen to have a pen in my hand. The other day I decided to do a bit of free machine doodling. As an experiment, I thought I’d try it for fabric postcards. I fused a piece of failed rusted fabric to some pelmet vilene (Timtex) to give it a firm base. I used black thread to make it look like pen strokes. I then painted it with Jacquard Dyn-a-flow paints. I forgot to take a photo of it before cutting it up but this is what it looks like having reconstructed the piece.

colourful fabric with lots of doodles sewn over it

I then used a postcard-sized window to select interesting areas, which I then cut out.

rectangle with star shaped doodle and other interesting marks

more doodles

radiowaves-type doodle marks

I think this one is the most successful

more doodles

These remnants look as though they have possibilities (can you see my tendency to use every little scrap popping up again?)

all the sad little cut off discarded bits from above

Streets in the Rain – Postcards finally finished!

Yesterday I finished 10 more postcards which have been in the pipeline for ages. First I made the background of painted calico layered with sheers and sparkly fabrics, then I appliqued the houses, painted them with acrylics and outlined them with a Pigma pen. Yesterday I finally quilted them and finished them off, made them into postcards instead of intricate rectangles of fabrics. It was nice to be back in the studio after so many weeks of playing around with html and css, websites and blogs…

They are all for sale for £15.00 and I can send them either blank in a jiffy bag or stamped with a message through the post.

Here are some of them:

postcard with streets in the rain



SOLD (above)


Sandy’s Postcard

purple-pink postcard with grid design

This card is from Sandy at Dangling by a Thread. All glittery and colourful. It is entitled ‘Mullion Windows #3’ and she was inspired by a technique by Margaret Beal, who is the lady who does lots with a soldering iron. I went to her workshop earlier in the year. Thank you Sandy!


Karoda’s Postcard

postcard with lots of lovely thick yarns couched over it vertically

A postcard from Karoda! The title is Textural, and that is an apt description of it. Gorgeous! Thank you, Karoda. It has lots of layered threads and fabric layered under tulle and then all sorts of yarns couched on top.


Jan’s Postcard

blue postcard with kites in the sky

This one is from Jan Thompson in Georgia. It is called Kites in the Sunset.

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