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Diane of Going to Pieces, the Artful Quilters Blogring Owner, has compiled a really good list of tutorials gleaned from posts in the blogring. I was emailing her with links for a couple of mine, when I realised I had never posted pictures of some of the postcards I made from the collages earlier in the year.

Here are a few of them. I spent this morning taking lots of photos so hopefully I will get them put on the ‘for sale’ section of the blog before too long. I had a deadline to do this, because I have exciting news! Sheryl, a friend who I know from my City & Guilds course, has a co-operative crafts venture upstairs in Newport Market, and she has asked me to join in with them and sell my fabric postcards! Newport Council use the first floor of the market, which is a very attractive Victorian building, to encourage artists and crafts designer/makers who want to start out in business and they have regular craft fayres. I will be spending a couple of half days a week manning the shop, which is brilliant because I was looking for a way to get out and meet more people while the kids are in school. It is called Alpha Arts and Crafts – have a look at their website and come and see me if you are in Newport visiting!

Here, as promised, are some of the postcards.

collaged postcard
Portals #1

collaged postcard
Portals #2

collaged postcard
Spirals #5

collaged postcard
Spirals #11

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Quiltart Travel Challenge

I made this postcard for the Quiltart Travel Challenge. It is along the same lines as my Rainy Streets postcards but it features a prominent landmark in my town.

purple/blue/grey fabric postcard featuring bridge over river

It is called Industrial Legacy and the statement I wrote to go with it reads:

The most famous landmark in Newport, where I live, is its Transporter
Bridge, a legacy from its industrial past. There are only two other such
bridges in the UK and seven in the world, not all operational. It has a
suspended platform on
which cars, cyclists and pedestrians go, which is then pulled across the
River Usk on cables.

I have been playing with layering sheers on top of painted calico to depict
the rainswept streets of South Wales, so I decided to use that as a
background for my travel postcard. Because our prevailing winds are
westerly, we get a lot of rain!

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Doodling delights

I do a lot of doodling with pen and paper, especially when my mind is elsewhere and I happen to have a pen in my hand. The other day I decided to do a bit of free machine doodling. As an experiment, I thought I’d try it for fabric postcards. I fused a piece of failed rusted fabric to some pelmet vilene (Timtex) to give it a firm base. I used black thread to make it look like pen strokes. I then painted it with Jacquard Dyn-a-flow paints. I forgot to take a photo of it before cutting it up but this is what it looks like having reconstructed the piece.

colourful fabric with lots of doodles sewn over it

I then used a postcard-sized window to select interesting areas, which I then cut out.

rectangle with star shaped doodle and other interesting marks

more doodles

radiowaves-type doodle marks

I think this one is the most successful

more doodles

These remnants look as though they have possibilities (can you see my tendency to use every little scrap popping up again?)

all the sad little cut off discarded bits from above

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