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Arty Snippets


Here is some more of my #trainticketart… I’ve kept it up pretty conscientiously so far, though there was a bit of an Instagram hiatus last week when my phone broke.

I’m having a go at blogging on my mobile so let’s see if WordPress cooperates.


I’ve got even more incentive to keep going now because the arts group I belong to locally, Diverse Manners, has an exhibition in the Riverfront arts centre next Easter so I’m planning to show them in some fashion there.  More details to follow!


Apart from that, there’s not much to report. I’ve been busy clearing out our boxroom of over 20 years of accumulated clutter : it’s looking much tidier now though I did wonder sometimes whether a search party would be required to dig me out!  I’ve also been working on my website behind the scenes… Eventually that will be ready for the big reveal.


That’s all for now, let’s hope this post doesn’t freak out when I hit publish…

Still on track (get it? – sorry!)

I’ve been keeping up with my #trainticketart challenge so far, although Virginmedia did its best to disrupt progress last night and this morning by making so-called ‘improvements’ to the local cable network which resulted in no internet connection for a while…
Early in the week I did a bit of preparation by stamping randomly on some of the cards.  Sometimes it takes a while for the paint to dry and then I forget to finish it or upload it to Instagram and it was also nice to have a few half made ones when I was lacking inspiration. (The allan key is unconnected – I’ve been decluttering the boxroom and had been tightening up some joints in a chair which I was putting on Freecycle.  Though I daresay I could use it for stamping too!).
I’ve been doing a mixture of paintings based on sketches, doodles, patterns and some printing, like the one above which I did using a quick stamp that I made from sticky-backed fun foam (great for making stamps as you can see).
This one was based on a stylized sketch of my peace lily plant.  Do you like the negative shapes coloured blue? I think they are my favourite aspect of this design.
This one is a bit more delicate …
And I got out the pens and the bling for this one!!
I went to Cardiff in the middle of the week and was glad to see that they are starting to adorn some of the buildings with street art.  Here is one in the process of being actually painted:
And another one nearby:
Finally, I’ve started a Pinterest board so if you want to join me, let me know!
If you noticed anything strange happening with this blog last week, I have been doing various WordPress manipulations on it.  I’m working on a new website (all linked together with the blog) with a new opening page but I’ll try to keep any disruption to a minimum until it’s ready for all to be revealed.

Decluttering the printing surface

the piles of junk on my worktable - before pic

Ick! What a mess!

I thought I’d share a few pics of my workroom.  This is what my printing table normally looks like.   As though an art supply shop had vomited all over it.  With some haberdashery chucked in for good measure.

messy worktable

Hmm, a bit messy, eh?

Every so often I have to have a good clear out or it gets too much to create anything there, it seems to mess up my head as well.

stripped back to the bare bones

One afternoon I decided to clear everything off and put the dropcloth in the washing machine.  This is what the print table looks like underneath all that clutter.  Wow, wish it looked like this all the time!


I have a large piece of MDF laid on top of the table, and a piece of carpet underlay over that, which creates the soft surface for printing.


Here is the table with a clean dropcloth on top, bearing the dyeing marks from a previous printing session or ten!

Wish I could say it still looks like that now, but unfortunately it is more like the top photo again… that clean table top lasted less than a day.  But it definitely unleashed some creativity…

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