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Spectacular downpours!

A week or so ago, we had a heatwave here, and then at the weekend a rather spectacular thunderstorm.  It caused quite a lake on our patio:

lake on patio

I’m glad that the patio slopes away from the house because it was getting ever deeper! 

rain drops

The ever growing beans seem to have held up against it, though!

downpour on patio

Pity about the redundant hosepipe and water jug – they seem a bit incongruous!  As you can see, though, the beans and tomatoes are growing apace and I looked today and there are several tomatoes on there.  Plenty of bean flowers though no beans yet to be seen…

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Rainy Streets postcard

fabric postcard with layered sheers in blues, purples, greens and houses painted and appliqued

Fabric postcard using polyester organza, calico and acrylic paints together with stitching to show a scene of a wet street after the rain.

Rainy Streets fabric postcard

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