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Arty card challenge progress

Glad to say that I’ve been keeping up with my #trainticketart still – I’m up to no. 31 now!

This one’s a doodly plaid design.

lines and circles
and a doodly lines and circles design…

stylized leaf pic
and a stylized leaf.

curly bean pod
I’ve been growing some beans from the Garden Organic Heritage Seed Library and this year I decided to dry some of them as this particular variety don’t cook very well as whole pods. I thought the dry pods themselves are very picturesque – they might find themselves as a #trainticketart design before long too! If I made 3D art I could see them being very useful as moulds for ceramics or silverclay…

my binditall
Another thing I did towards the end of the week was to make a few sketchbooks. I went to Hobbycraft and couldn’t find any I really liked the look of, so I bought a huge 100 pack of white card and made 3 A5 sketchbooks with my Binditall machine for the princely sum of £4. I only want it for drawing with black pen and scanning, not for watercolour or printing so I wanted something white and smooth and card will do the trick nicely.  For covers I just used the old cardboard back covers from my watercolour pads.  Perfect!

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Pattern crazy

Apologies for the lack of blog posts.  I’ve been busy with the pattern course I talked about last month.  Module 1 has finished but I’m still enthused by it and busy creating patterns and coming to grips with Photoshop.  And observing patterns everywhere.  Such as this row of colourful wellies outside a shop in one of the arcades in Cardiff…


I dug out all the various sketchbooks I had accumulated over the last few years and was a bit horrified that they filled three plastic crates! Of course, they are not all full…. some of these are pretty empty…. There are quite a few handmade books and some little ones that I made from watercolour paper and bound with my little blue Bind it all machine.

sketchbook pile

One of the things we’ve been learning to do on the course are moodboards – this isn’t strictly a moodboard but a collage of the images that grab me, made quickly and roughly in Picasa.


I have also been trying to add more colour and pattern to my studio – this had unforeseen consequences last week!  I took down a pile of patterned fabric from the top shelves there and relocated them on to one of the lower shelves – which promptly fell off the wall!  Luckily my precious thermofax machine, which was on that shelf, didn’t end up on the floor in pieces….

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