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Wall tidy

I thought I’d put a picture of the only thing I’ve sewn in the last few weeks (apart from turning up the hems on umpteen pairs of trousers and mending DS2’s coat).

It is another sample for the ladies of the sewing studio in Zambia for Health Help International.  Ron is there now and took it with him.  It is one of those wall tidies which you can hang on the wall and use to store small items in pockets. 

wall tidy made from Dutch wax prints with elephant motif

I have been busy this week, tidying and organising my studio yet again (well, I prefer to think of it as continuing the tidying rather than reorganising everything Yet Again….).   Instead of organising my cotton fabrics by colour, I decided to do it by value.  Reading Lisa Call’s blog inspired me.    I ironed them all and folded them into approximately the same size.  Sorting them was relatively easy after that.    Looking at them, I have come to the conclusion that I have far too many in medium values and not enough at either end.  

After that I was energised (inspired, no doubt, by all the fabrics I had forgotten I had!) into sorting all the other sorts of fabrics, which previously I had organised by colour, into each type of fabric… the rusted fabrics have a container to themselves.  I enjoyed stroking the silks and rediscovering the shiny fabrics, the velvets, the scrims, the sheers….  now I just need to use them in something and not just return them to the shelves….

Photos to follow….

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Indian silk sari fabric!

It’s half term this week so I haven’t had much time to post.  Haven’t done much else either because I’ve been down with DS2’s lurgy from last week and I haven’t felt like doing much…

So let me titivate your senses with photos of the silk sari fabric which DH brought me back from India.

silk pashmina

Actually this is a pashmina …

blue and green sari fabric

I love the gold edging on these..

burgundy coloured silk sari fabric

This one is very fine, almost chiffony.

green and red sari silk with tie dyeing

This piece is my favourite.  It is mostly green, with that red tie dyed piece at the end.  I love the way the red and green dyes have been allowed to merge into one another at the edges.  Here is a closeup of the tie dyed piece:

red tie dyed piece

another closeup of green/red fabric

I’ve been looking at websites of how to wear sari fabric now… I think it’ll be a while before I dare to cut any of this lot up!!

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Some patchwork ….

One of the things I’ve got involved in since Christmas has been organising the crafts for Health Help International.  HHI is an organisation started by Ron Prosser, a local man who went out to Zambia a few years ago and was so appalled by the conditions he found there that he decided to do something about it.  It started by sending medical supplies and helping to set up medical centres there.  Since then they have also got involved in India, where DH went for 11 days a couple of weeks ago.    Amongst the things they do to raise money is to sell local crafts, and so I have been helping to organise these and develop this area a bit. 

They have a sewing studio in Zambia for disabled women and while DH was away I was busy making samples out of my African fabrics for Ron to take to Zambia when he goes in March for the ladies to make more of the items.  

There is a table runner:

 colourful patchwork table runner

A matching table mat:

 table mat using African fabrics in patchwork

A cushion cover:

 cushion cover in same African fabrics

A scarf, which I had made previously:

 scarf as above

And a bandanna.

 bandanna as above

I still have one of those wallhangings with pockets to put things in to make.  I’m also helping set up a website with Paypal to sell these things as an alternative way of making money, which is why I needed to know how to remove backgrounds from objects in Paint Shop Pro. 

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Organic cotton sources

No posts for a week and then three come along at once, just like buses!

Recently I have come across a couple of UK sellers of organic cotton and other fabrics. Thinking of the environmental impact of conventionally produced cotton, which I was reading about today in the Textile Directory’s newsletter, I think I’ll try and buy organic and/or fairtrade in future…

There is Organic Cotton, which sells coloured cotton fabrics and calico, and Greenfibres. If I come across any more in the future, I will add them to this post because, no doubt, I shall forget and have to look back at my blog to find the links again!

By the way, the Textile Directory send an email newsletter once a month which is very interesting and informative.

I haven’t bought anything from either of these companies, but am just listing them here for future reference.

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