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Organic cotton sources

No posts for a week and then three come along at once, just like buses!

Recently I have come across a couple of UK sellers of organic cotton and other fabrics. Thinking of the environmental impact of conventionally produced cotton, which I was reading about today in the Textile Directory’s newsletter, I think I’ll try and buy organic and/or fairtrade in future…

There is Organic Cotton, which sells coloured cotton fabrics and calico, and Greenfibres. If I come across any more in the future, I will add them to this post because, no doubt, I shall forget and have to look back at my blog to find the links again!

By the way, the Textile Directory send an email newsletter once a month which is very interesting and informative.

I haven’t bought anything from either of these companies, but am just listing them here for future reference.


I don’t know where the time is going to these days. I’ve had sinusitis for a few days and feel a bit under the weather and I’ve somehow got out of the habit of posting daily to this blog. Does it make any difference? I know I don’t read blogs every day as I used to – there are so many I can’t keep up! Every few days is much better. I’m halfway through wiring up my rust piece – I’ll post a photo as soon as I’ve done it. I finished off more postcards on Monday while our central heating system was being repaired.

I did a 3-ATC swap with Sara Lechner who is a wonderful Austrian textile artist. I met her through the internet several years ago when I was just beginning on my City & Guilds course and have admired her work for years. I love her figures! Here are the three she sent me – I love them. They are very recognisably Sara’s work. I feel privileged to own them.

three ATCS with angel figure

Silk ribbon

I bought this gorgeous hand dyed silk ribbon from Valeri at Farne Designs. Isn’t it gorgeous? I love the way she has attached it to the card with punched holes. Don’t know what I’m going to use it for yet but I can’t stop stroking it!

lots of different widths of colourful hand dyed silk ribbon

Valeri has a blog called dyeing 2 sew which I enjoy reading. She lives in Cornwall and posts lovely photos of the coast there, as well as her yummy dyeing and embroidery and quilting.

Addictive beads!

colourful handmade beads based around kebab sticks

When I started making these beads I couldn’t stop and went about it with a sort of manic compulsion…


Hand made beads

long green and gold beads

These are some long beads I was playing around with – kebab sticks wrapped round with thread and a strip of metallic stretchy fabric (the one on the right has some angelina wrapped round it too, but I’m not sure that is staying at the moment.


Poppy machine embroidery

little embroidery of poppy field

This is another silk painting/embroidery which I did at that class 3 years ago. This was based on a postcard I have. I love poppies. Their colour… their exuberance. Especially when they pop up in the middle of a field of potatoes or something like that….


Tree embroidery

machine embroidery of trees and flowers

I enjoy machine embroidery and would like to do more of it. This is one which I did about 3 years ago in a class which I did right at the beginning of my C&G course. It is on habutai silk painted with silk paints using salt.

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