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Week away continued

rusted green man

Isn’t this rusted Green Man amazing? 


We did dyeing with Helen and I obviously have a green theme going on looking at this piece of Evolon – I used the transfer painted papers that I decorated several months ago….


And of course I did some mark making doodles with the parallel pens:


While we were there, there was another workshop where they were making chairs – honestly! A whole dining chair in a week!  Steaming the wood to make it curved and everything …  One of the ladies on the course brought us this gorgeous strip of planed wood at the end of the week – isn’t it gorgeous? 


My main achievement during the week, however, is a blue crocheted scarf and I can’t believe I haven’t actually taken a photo of it yet so it’ll have to wait for the next post…  I hadn’t crocheted since I was a teenager so I was glad to see the skill hadn’t left me. I used a silk/cashmere yarn for it and it feels yummy!  Since getting back, I haven’t even touched it and I only need to do about another 12 inches so I must pick it up again…

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New Print Gocco machines for sale!

Just a quick note to say that I have just put up some more Print Gocco machines for sale on my Print Gocco sales page. There is a PG10 and a couple of PG10 Supers.

Photos of the transfer fabric will be up soon but I have to take some more, because the ones I took yesterday looked VERY washed out, unlike the originals. But if you really can’t wait, I’ve got a couple of pics on my Facebook page (add me as a friend if it won’t let you in!).

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